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How To Sync SD Card To Dropbox With DropSpace

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Backing up your SD card is very important, whether its connected computer or a smartphone. Once your data is backed up, you know what to do if you ever lose or damage your SD card. But the problem with backing up data is that it is a manual task which needs to be repeated often, therefore it can be time consuming. That’s where DropSpace, an Android app can help you.

As you must have guessed, DropSpace is closely related to Dropbox. In fact, it relies on Dropbox. This app closely watches your SD card and backs-up all new files to Dropbox. Let’s take a closer look at this app.

You must be thinking: what’s the use of this app when there’s the official Dropbox app for Android? Well, that’s because DropSpace automates the task of backup, but in a different way. It can backup just about any folder in your SD card to Dropbox, unlike the official dropbox app which only backs up folders copied into your system’s Dropbox folder.

This app can, for example, backup photos from your SD card to the cloud, and also upload the files straight to Dropbox.

Another scenario when this app can be useful is when you use applications like Titanium or Tasker to back up your phone settings to SD card. When these settings are backed up, those backups are synced to Dropbox. DropSpace will ensure that your settings are safely duplicated on the cloud.

To get started, install DropSpace from Google Play Store and launch the app. Login to your Dropbox account and choose exactly which folders DropSpace should monitor for changes.

How To Sync SD Card To Dropbox With DropSpace

Note that you can sync files only from your SD card and not from your phone’s internal memory.

DropSpace is not a full 2-way sync, which means it can only sync files from your SD card to Dropbox and not the other way around.

If you’re a Dropbox user, then this app is surely worth a try. Give it a try from below link.

Install DropSpace from Play Store

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