How To Quickly Delete All Facebook Messages

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When we chat with friends on Facebook, normally we don’t tend to delete those messages instantly. Instead, we only delete them when there’s a pile of messages from different users. The clutter can build up quickly and the need for cleaning that clutter can arise soon. When we look at the message list, there’s an option to “archive” that message, which means that the message is just removed from that list but its not deleted. To permanently delete a message, we have to open the message, click on “Actions” and then click on “Delete messages” button. This process is somewhat lengthy.

That’s where Google Chrome extension named as Facebook Fast Delete Messages steps in. This extension adds a button in Facebook messages page to quickly delete all the messages, with one click. Let’s learn how this extension works.

How To Quickly Delete All Facebook Messages

After installing this extension, log in to your Facebook account and head over to the Messages area (URL:

To delete the entire message thread without opening it, click on the small red X next to the message.

Note: Before proceeding further, one thing that’s worth noting is that this extension won’t prompt for any final confirmation message before deleting. Therefore click on this small x button only if you’re absolutely sure to delete the entire message thread.

Those who’re thinking to clean out the messages trash should definitely try out this extension. It really deletes Facebook messages in a breeze.

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