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How To Play Super Mario Run For iOS On Your iPhone Right Now

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Do you want to play Super Mario Run for iOS early and be one of the lucky ones to try out the hotly-anticipated debut of Mario on a mobile? If you can’t wait until December 15, there’s a way for you to try it right now.

Super Mario Run in Apple Stores

You either love him or loathe him, but Jimmy Fallon has the ability to attract interesting guests to his show. One such guest on the Tonight Show recently was Reggie Fils-Aime, the president of Nintendo America. On the show, he used his time to plug the Nintendo Switch and mention how Super Mario Run would be available in Apple Stores as a demo today.

If the game is new to you, here’s what you need to know. Niantic developed the game for mobile devices; it will appear first on iOS and later on Android. It’s the first Mario game to officially run on a non-Nintendo device.

If you’re expecting a full-fledged Mario game, you will be disappointed. It’s more like one of those runner games you see everywhere in the App Store. However, the fact that this game has a Mario twist means that it could be a lucrative and very fun game.

How to play the game

As we’ve already mentioned, it will be available in Apple Stores to try. However, before you get up and put on your coat and shoes, there’s something you need to know.

The version you’re going to see in the store is a demo! It’s still an exciting opportunity though, right? What you will be able to do with the Super Mario Run demo is see how well the game plays, check out the graphics, and get a rough overall idea as to what the full version will be like.

Super Mario Run Game Play
Image Source: ComingSoon.net

One-handed gaming

Playing this game will require only one of your two hands, so if you’re able to multi-task, give it a try. Controlling Mario as he runs through his new iOS-generated environment is simple, as it requires nothing but taps. Believe me when I say it’s harder than it sounds. It requires perfect timing, tapping at the right time and intervals. Doing so ensures Mario collects coins, power-ups, and other goodies, as well as avoiding dangers.

While it’s certainly a Nintendo game from a visual perspective, from a gameplay one, it reminds a little of the simplistic nature of the hit mobile game Flappy Birds

Full game for free

If the idea of pulling yourself off the sofa or taking a detour after work doesn’t excite you, have no fear; the game will be available next Thursday in the App Store. Nintendo will be giving the game away for free to all iOS device owners; however, there are in-game purchases which will unlock features and extra content. If you want to see what spending $10 on unlocking them will get you, head to the Apple Store.

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