How to go to apps directly in iOS 10

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If you have used iOS 10, then you know that Apple has added one particular tweak, which is really annoying. No longer can you go from the lock screen directly to the home screen where your apps are. However, there is a buried setting hidden within iOS 10, which will enable you to put this back to how it was before giving you the ability to use the Touch ID sensor to go straight to your apps.

How to go to apps directly in iOS 10

A Fundamental Change

At this point, you may be asking yourself why Apple made this change in the first place? After all, being able to go straight to your home screen has been a fundamental part of the iOS experience for a long time now. So much so, that most people don’t look at their handset when attempting to do so.

In fact, in the previous versions of iOS, you only had to tap the Home button and you were able to use your device straight away. However, with this new iOS 10 tweak you are forced to unlock your device and still stay on the lock screen. And what makes this is an even bigger inconvenience is that you have to tap the Home button again to get to your apps… why?

What Apple has done here, is add an extra dimension to possibly only one of a few actions that people rely on muscle memory to complete. This change adds what I would describe as a roadblock, something that gets in a users way only to force them to view something that they either don’t want to see or deem unimportant.

Apple’s Acknowledges Mistake

After quite a few people have taken to social media and various other forms of letting Apple know their disapproval of this change. Apple has finally acknowledged that it made a mistake with this change. However, as far as I am aware no one has come forward and tried to explain the thinking behind it!

However, Apple has done some work to correct the mistake and in the Public Beta 2 of iSO 10 has given users a way to make Touch ID work the way it did in iOS 9.

A Settings Solution

If you want to change this setting right now in iOS 10, you just need to know where to find the option is to change it, but as with all things Apple the option is buried quite deeply. So here’s what you have to do to find it.

At this point, I am assuming that you are either running iOS 10 Beta 3 or the Public Beta 2 and want Touch ID to work how it did previously in iOS 9. What you need to look for is a setting called Rest Finger to Open, you will find this setting as follows: Settings –> General –> Accessibility –> Home Button

And that’s it you’re done!

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