How To Get Rid Of Twitter’s Email Spam

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If you are a Twitter user, then you may observed the increase in email spam from Twitter. Some of these email alerts are enabled by default and that’s why you need to head over to Twitter and configure your email alert settings. No doubt, some of these notification emails are useful while others are just an extra annoyance. These emails are distracting and we have to make an extra effort to delete them

If you are using Twitter from your mobile device, then you may have never changed the email notification settings. But thankfully, you can easily disable email alerts from Twitter’s web interface. Let’s take a closer look at how this is done.

Login to Twitter from a web browser (and not any Twitter client). From the drop-down button on top left, click on Settings.

Once you are in Settings, click on Email Notifications from the left menu. This will open a new page where you can control all of your email notifications.

How To Get Rid Of Twitter's Email Spam

The options are pretty self-explanatory but still, here is a small explanation of these options.

Activity related to you and your tweets

This section has settings related to you and your tweets. If yours is a personal Twitter account, then you may want to enable most of the settings. But instead of “Everyone”, you can change it to “By people I follow” to get less email alerts.

But if you’re running Twitter account for a business or brand, then you may want to disable all these notifications. Simple remove the checkmark to stop receiving email alerts. Businesses and brands can also try using a Twitter client which provides more features than the web interface so that they can better manage their Twitter account.

Activity from your network

This section is the latest addition to email notifications. Twitter now sends a weekly or daily email digest which will show top tweets and stories shared by people that you are connected to.

If you already stay updated by checking your Twitter account, then this digest won’t be of much use to you as it will only tell you things that you are already aware of.

Updates from Twitter

In most cases, this section is responsible for email blast from Twitter. If you don’t want to stay updated with latest Twitter news, products, features, third party services and tips, then you can safely uncheck all those checkboxes.

If you don’t want Twitter to send you an email about people you might know on Twitter, then you can opt-out from this option also.

Once you configure all these options as per your wish, scroll down and hit the “Save changes” button.

Now that you know how to unsubscribe/remove yourself from those Twitter emails, you can go ahead and free your Inbox from such emails. This is a one-time process but greatly helps in stopping unwanted email mess.

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