How To Fix Prisma App’s Overcapacity Error

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If you’re one of the millions of people on iOS and Android taking advantage of what the popular photo editing app Prisma has to offer, there’s a good chance you have come across the not-so-good point of the app. I’m talking about how the app seems to grind to a halt at certain times of the day.

Why is Prisma over-capacity?

Unlike Instagram and other photo editing apps with filters, Prisma is different. It does not do the hard work of adding your chosen filter to images on your device. Instead, it uploads your image and adds the filter while on its own servers. According to the developer of the app, it uses an AI to correctly apply the filter you chose in the app. This can take more processing power and time to apply.

Internet connection required

This method does have a few inherent drawbacks, and one is that Prisma just won’t work for you if you’re offline. Personally, this alone is enough for me to want to remove the app from my phone.

Furthermore, if you have access to the Internet but have a slow mobile data connection, it will take much longer for you to upload and download the image.

Too many people using the app

With all of the success the app had while on iOS alone, you would have thought that the developer would invest in more resources to cope with what was going to be the inevitable flood of new users when Prisma went live on Android.

From what I can tell, the investment in resources has not happened, as the problem with overcapacity can also be blamed on too many people using the app at the same time. If you use the app at peak times, there’s a good chance that you will see a message telling you that the servers are too busy.

What can you do to make Prisma work faster?

The only real solution to this problem is for those behind the Prisma app to make sure that there are enough resources to make things work smoothly. However, seeing as this is something that neither you nor I can control, there are a few other things you may consider trying.

1) If you know that you are going to somewhere with a patchy Wi-Fi signal or no mobile data connection, snap your pic and wait until you get home to use Prisma. That way you can avoid becoming frustrated with the app.

2) Another limitation of Prisma is its inability to work with multitasking features like Android’s built-in split screen. Unfortunately for you and me, this means that we’re stuck waiting for the app to do its thing, which is boring!

3) If you’re a Samsung smartphone owner, you can use other apps in a pop-up window while Prisma goes to work in the background. Just to be clear, you can’t use Prisma in a pop-up window only other apps like Twitter. As I mentioned previously, the app is not compatible with multitasking features, so make sure you get this the correct way around.

4) If you’re using Prisma at what is considered to be a peak time of the day, you are more likely to run into slow processing times and even the dreaded overcapacity message I mentioned earlier. So it is best that you avoid these peak times to get the best out of the app.

The best thing to do if you do want the image processed is to go mow the lawn or do some shopping. Actually, you’re probably best forgetting about the app for a while, say, for half an hour. Fingers crossed, it will have your image processed by then!!

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