How To Charge Your iPad From Any USB Port

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Sometimes even simple things can be made complicated, such as the process of charging a device. In the case of iPad, as we know, the device won’t charge when connected it to a laptop, desktop computer or any other USB port (such as car charger). No doubt this is frustrating for some of us.

Of course, when your iPad is low on battery, you can just walk to a wall charger (the regular charger that comes with your iPad) and connect your iPad to it. But how about an easy solution that lets you charge your iPad by connecting it to a computer? You might think that is it possible? Yes, it is.

Meritline sells a USB Charging Adapter for iPad for only $4.99. This small USB charging adapter enables you to charge your iPad via your PC’s USB port directly. All you need to do is to plug one end of this adapter to your computer and connect the USB cable of your iPad to its other end. It’s as simple as that and works great.

How To Charge Your iPad From Any USB Port

One more feature (or perhaps limitation for some?) is that this adapter blocks the computer from actually detecting your iPad, which means it won’t sync to the computer and will only charge it. If you want to sync your iPad with the computer, then simply unplug this adapter and insert the USB cable directly.

While the above adapter works great as per the reviews on the site, there are many more alternatives available from Amazon such as this one. You can also search on Amazon for more such adapters, but make sure you read the reviews before ordering one.

If you’re one who wants to charge your iPad directly on the computer, or travel a lot, then this small dongle is for you. It’s worth the money spent.

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