How to Build Your Social Media Insurance Plan

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Social media outages led to several small businesses and creators losing money. If you were one of the Marketers left out in the cold during the WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram outages, then we have a couple of tips to help you weather the next storm.

Companies that relied on social media to connect with their audience, had issues when the big social media giants had their outage. To help overcome this, small businesses can use email during outages to keep the sales flowing.

Build Your Email List

Building an email list is the first step to a successful email strategy. To set the first impression right, you need to ensure you have a great welcome message. AWeber recommends small details that make a huge difference in how people are welcomed to your list, like an automated welcome email that can increase revenue 340 percent when compared to other forms of email. It’s also your first opportunity to engage with your potential or existing customer and show your unique tone or voice.

Company newsletters help keep current customers up to date with product changes, offers, and updates. Some customers might not be on social media, so it gives you another way to connect with them.

Email offers can be sent out during these outages to offset any loss in sales from social media. Some people had no idea why their social media accounts were not working or refreshing and may turn to their inbox to pass the time.

Content roundups can be used weekly and can be a better option than daily emails that clutter an inbox. This will help a brand from contracting a customer or prospect too much. You want to make sure your cadence of information is helpful and not annoying, to avoid your community from unsubscribing from your newsletter.

Revamp The Company Website

The company website needs to be presentable in case of a social media shutdown. Too many brands do not have the ability to sell from their website. You want to have all channels of sales open and focus on your company’s web presence that you can control.

Having a professional site gives you a good first impression with Influencers or potential clients that are interested in your brand. Your website can also be the location where you have people sign up for your newsletter, so you want to ensure you have a form to make it easy for them to sign up.

Small Businesses Use Facebook at a Mass Level

3 million businesses use Facebook ads to grow their business. But during the day of the outage, their message was not able to be present.

But that doesn’t mean to completely abandon social due to outages, but you can use it to have a backup plan. There are Facebook integrations to collect leads and sign people up for your newsletter. By implementing this, you can bridge the gap between your social community to the community you can completely manage, email.

How To Diversify Efficiently

Social is a great tool, but it is not the only tool to grow your business. It is a rented space. To help control your business message, you need to develop other owned channels to continually connect with your community. After establishing email, Podcasting is another form of content that can be hosted on several platforms including a website, YouTube, Spotify, or any other platform that you choose. This allows you to share your message in a medium that is not impacted by algorithms.

A social media insurance plan is all about diversifying how content is promoted, sales are made, and partnerships are formed. While it was just a 6-hour outage, the lessons learned can allow a company to build an insurance plan that helps them convert during this time.