How To Add Tags To Your Google Chrome Bookmarks

How To Add Tags To Your Google Chrome Bookmarks

Whenever we stumble upon a useful website, we simply press the shortcut keys, Ctrl + D to bookmark it. Bookmarking allows us to remember that website so that it can be accessed later on. But, when we start bookmarking many websites, then the bookmarks bar becomes a mess, and finding something useful from it can be hard.

If you are a Google Chrome user, then by using an extension named Bookmarks Tagger, you can assign tags to your bookmarks, so that it is easier to find related content. This is an efficient way to quickly locate what you are looking for. The best feature of this extension is that you can directly search for these tags from Chrome’s omnibar.

Adding Tags to Bookmarks

First, install the Bookmarks Tagger from the Chrome web store and then you will see a new icon in the toolbar.

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How To Add Tags To Your Google Chrome Bookmarks

To add tags, click on the Bookmarks Tagger icon from the toolbar, and add tags for a new bookmark. Once done, click on Save.

You can also import your existing bookmarks and add tags to them. This can be done by right-clicking on the Bookmarks Tagger icon and selecting Options. From the left hand side of the screen, click on “Import bookmarks” button.

Using Bookmarks Tagger

Once you have added tags, it’s time to try out the magic. From the Chrome’s omnibar, type bt, space, and then the tag. If there’s only one website that matches the tag, then it will be opened directly and if there are several websites that matches the tag, then you can select one from the list.

If you want to edit a link or tag, then click on the grey pencil icon next to the link. If you want to delete the entry, then click on the x.

You can also search for tags from the Options menu of this extension. Surely this ‘tagging’ system lets you open links quickly and categorize your bookmarks.

Managing bookmarks by a folder system also suits many people, but you can try out this new method if you’ve got plethora of bookmarks.

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