How To Add Silent/Mute Like Functionality To iPod Touch

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Apple’s iPhone is termed as an iPhone without the “phone” part and therefore in most cases, what works on iPhone mostly works on iPod Touch also. However there are some differences between these two devices from feature and design perspective. Some developers take that difference into account and create useful packages that only iPod Touch users need.

If you’ve used both the devices, then in most cases you must be missing the physical “mute” button on iPod Touch. We don’t know why Apple left out that useful mute button, but those who want to mute in iPod Touch needs to constantly press the volume down button until it is silent. This is not really convenient and that’s why we have a new solution that can end this woe.

The jailbreak community is so active that we frequently see tweaks that are very useful. The TapVolumeToMute is such a package for jailbroken iDevices that works on iPhone and iPad, but it is specially created for the iPod Touch. This package adds the silent/mute functionality to the iPod Touch in an entirely different manner, which is really easy to use. There are no additional homescreen icons or any configuration required, as it is just a simple tweak.

How To Add Silent/Mute Like Functionality To iPod Touch

After installing this package, you can tap the Volume Up or Volume Down button on the device which invokes the volume HUD, and then all you need to do is to just tap this heads-up-display which will mute/silent the device. Tapping it again will unmute the device. Now that’s really a neat solution to all our volume mute woes. This tweak will help you quickly enable the silent mode in your iPod Touch. Even if your iDevice comes with a physical mute button, you can still try out this tweak.

Of course your device needs to be jailbroken in order to use this tweak. This TapVolumeToMute package can be downloaded for free from the BigBoss repository in the Cydia Store.

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