The Real Story of How Scranton Became Broke

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The Real Story of How Scranton Became Broke

Whispers abound concerning the tale of how the city of Scranton ran into its current misfortunes. The story is like one of those legends that are only spoken orally. Many fear that there will be grave consequences to openly discuss the story of how Scranton became a waste land. For this reason, none would dare to openly discuss the reality of Scranton. That is until now!

How Scranton Became Broke – MOB, UNIONS, AND JUDGES OH MY

No toto, you are definitely not in Kansas anymore. Welcome to Scranton, land of the pilfering politicians, Union control Judges and Mob controlled unions. Let’s get to the nitty gritty shall we. The Story really begins with the dynamic that played out when Irish and Italian settlers converged on Scranton to work in the coal mines. This was due to Americas stratified society where a careful wasp hierarchy presided on the top of society while everyone else needed to fend for themselves. Instead of coming together in solidarity, many ethnic groups became antagonistic toward one another and developed party politics based on ethnic identity. The unscrupulous saw the opportunity to follow the Morgans, Fisks, and Carengies by turning on their own ethnic group for greater gain. Of course, they would spin it as doing what is best for their people but in reality their people meant their families and friends only. Thus, you had people willing to sellout their own ethnic brethren for a greater slice of the pie. The working class miners were on to this travesty being perpetuated by management, so they unionized. The unions were a means of providing protections to the workers who made up the bulk of the entire mining operations. They wanted fair protections, decent wages and proper regulation. These were all reasonable demands and the unions eventually won the day. Sadly, the unscrupulousness of some persons got the better of this arrangement. The people who were behind helping the unions by providing protection against the managements henchmen had other ideas in mind. They saw the union as a means to obtain power and political control. These “people”- oh c’mon we all know it’s the mob- decided to use the unions to influence politics that favored their agenda. Thus, the unions became a mechanism for controlling local political power. Judges, Mayors, Police Chiefs, Councilmen, Contractors, Fire Captains became enmeshed in a tightly woven web of deceit that perpetuates public fraud. Contracts are giving to friends and family. The city operates as a kingdom where only the political connected is well off. So much for working class values…..

How Scranton Became Broke – LOSING MONEY WITH STYLE

City like Scranton basically become a personal bank of sorts. The criminally controlled political machine perpetuates the guise of being a government but the reality is that they do not serve the Scranton people or America for that matter. What makes Scranton situation so particularly interesting is that the corruption and perversion of public trust has reach a height were the entire city is literally crumbling. It is like the sort of things you see in Eastern Europe. And that ladies and gentlemen is how Scranton got into its current mess.

How Scranton Became Broke
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