Hottests Links: China Doomsday, EM Flows, FedEX, Behavioral Investing

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Hottests Links edition for Wednesday afternoon. We hope to make this a regular feature and this is just the first. Feel free to send us feedback on our Hottest Links.

Hottests Links: China Doomsday, EM Flows, FedEX, Behavioral Investing

Hottests links for Wednesday July 10, 2013

Hottest links: Economy

Vanguard sees first net outflows in 20 years [Jason Kephart, Investment News]

“The Godfather of ETFs” not a big fan of Winklevoss Bitcoin ETF [Brendan Conway Focus on Funds]

Here’s What The China ‘Super Bear’ Scenario Looks Like [Sam Ro, Business Insider]

11 Signs That Italy Is Descending Into A Full-Blown Economic Depression [ZeroHedge]

The Revenue Recession [Joshua M Brown, The Reformed Broker]

Increased Analyst Coverage Is A Bad Thing [Integrity-Research]

Investors withdrew $13.9 billion from Emerging Markets equity mutual funds invested in the four countries this year, or 27 percent of the inflows since 2005 [Ye Xie, Maria Levitov & Ksenia Galouchko, Bloomberg]

SEC Set to Clear Away Curbs on Hedge-Fund Ads, Agency to Lift Ban on Soliciting Shares in Private Investments [Andrew Ackerman And Jessica Hozler, WSJ]

361 Capital Weekly Research Briefing [Blaine Rollins, CFA, The Formed Broker]

Are You Guaranteed to Lose 3.5% Every Year? [Cullen Roche, Prag Cap]

There is no such thing as emotionless investing [Tadas Viskanta Abnormal Returns]

Hottest links: Stocks

Liberator Medical Holdings – LBMH [Otc Adventures]

Investment Thesis on Altisource Portfolio Solutions (ASPS) [Glenn Chan, Market Folly]

A Dozen Things I’ve Learned About the Psychology of Investing [Tren Griffin 25iq]

Returns on Negative Enterprise Value Stocks: Money for Nothing? [Alon Bochman, CFAInstitute]

JPMorgan: FedEx Is Unlikely Ackman’s Target: Here is Why [ValueWalk]

Banks Will Have To Buy Slightly Less Stock, Which They’re Not Very Good At Anyway [Matt Levine, Dealbreaker]

Fairholme Fund Sues For Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Investor Rights [ValueWalk]

Hottest links: Funny

China tries to forbid everyone from giggling at building shaped like male organ [MSN]

This town’s tiny perfect mayor is a 4-year-old who likes ice cream [Jeff Baenen, TheStar]

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