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Hottest Links: Templeton, Moats, Munger, Bubbles, Net-Nets, Luck and Skill

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Hottest Links edition for Sunday Afternoon (see Friday’s hottest links here). We hope to make hottest links a regular feature and this is just the beginning of a great linkfest to appear regularly. Today, the story of Charlie Munger you never heard; net net investing was a superb strategy in Japan applying it to the US; oldie but goodie interview with John Malone, a new book from a great value investor is coming out shortly, when luck and skill mix in value investing, what is the definition of a bubble? a new movie about John Malone is coming out. That and other stories check it out below.

Hottest Links: Templeton, Moats, Munger, Bubbles, Net-Nets, Luck and Skill

Hottest links for Sunday July 21, 2013

Hottest links: Value Investing

The Contrarian: The Story of Sir. John Templeton


This Net-Net Strategy Worked Wonders in Japan

Could Ben Graham’s value formula also work in the US?

[Nate Tobik, Oddball Stocks]

People talk about bubbles all the time these days?

But what exactly is a bubble?

[Cullen Roche, Prag Cap]

First Preorder of a Premium Book Package, and Immediate Plans

Value Investing Journey is out with a new book.

[Jason Rivera, Value Investing Journey]

All the notes you need from the hedge fund ‘gurus’ at the Delivering Alpha Conference

This man has got you covered

[Josh Brown, Reformed Broker]

Mavericks Lecture 2012: John Malone

Old Interview with John Malone, check it out below.

[Joe Koster, Value Investing World]

Charlie Munger Had Terrible Tragedy and Become Who He is Today

What is your excuse?

[Joshua Kennon, Joshua Kennon]

Saber Capital Client Letter and Some General Thoughts

A shareholder letter from value investor John Huber

[John Huber, Base Hit Investing]

Hottest Links: Value Stocks

Dart Group – When to sell / Skill & Luck in investing

Dart Group a value investor’s story of luck and skill.

[Value And Opportunity]

Microsoft Blowout-Quant Value pain

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT): does it have a moat?

[Wesley R. Gray, Turnkey Analyst]

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