Hottest Links: Loeb Strike, HLF Shakes, Musk Crazy?, Watsa & BBRY

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Hottest links for Monday August 12th, 2013 (see last week’s edition of hottest links here). Top stories for today include; Is Iceland about to experience another collapse?; Dan Loeb strikes again is the target Bill Ackman?; Investors are fed up of charlatans calling for Dow 1,000 and/or Dow 36,000, now they strike back; What do those Herbalife Ltd. (NYSE:HLF) shakes taste like anyway? Has Ackman or Icahn ever tried one?; What does Nelson Peltz have planned for Legg Mason Inc (NYSE:LM)?; Some interesting data on many of the largest hedge funds in the world; An indepth look at value in the mining sector?; Does Prem Watsa have plans for BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) (TSE:BB) now that he has resigned from the board?; Is Elon Musk on the verge of discovering a new form of transport or does he belong in a straight jacket?;  Hunger Life Games camp…. That and more below.

Hottest Links: Loeb Strike, HLF Shakes, Musk Crazy?, Watsa & BBRY

Hottest Links: Stories

The Best Hedge Fund You’ve Ever Heard Of

This really cool graphic shows the biggest hedge funds, their performance and everything you ever wanted to know (drawdown, sharpe ratio etc.) for Bridgewater Associates, Moore, Tudor, Two Sigma, and others.  [Wesley R. Gray, Turnkey Analyst]

Is it time to dump George Risk?

George Risk Industries Inc (OTCMKTS:RSKIA) is a net-net, and the name attracted many value investors. But is it time to throw in the towel on what could prove to be a value trap? [Nate Tobik, Oddball Stocks]

Domino’s Pizza shares – buy, hold or sell?

Buying Domino’s Pizza, Inc. (NYSE:DPZ) shares will give you part ownership of a Master Franchise of the world’s leading pizza delivery company.   [John Kingham, UK Value Investor]

I Like Cheap Stocks-Gold Miners Thoughts Part 3

I didn’t think I’d be writing three posts about mining stocks (I never thought I’d write one post about them actually), but I’ve spent some time looking at them. [John Huber, Base Hit Investing]

Dart Group: Looking back & looking forward

Dart Group PLC (LON:DTG) (OTCMKTS:DRTGF)  looked undervalued before the stock quadrupled in price. Now with the massive rise is there any value left? [Red, Quinzedix]

Memo to the Passive Investing Taliban

Investors are sick of  all the gimmicks with market timers, “pros”, and other charlatans and are turning towards the Jack Bogle cult of indexing. [Joshua M Brown, The Reformed Broker]. However in the financial markets victory laps are usually the sign of complacency and often end badly for the celebrants. Those who followed this approach through the financial crisis to today are doing far better then those who bailed in 2008/2009 and are only now contemplating returning to the market. [Abnormal Returns]

Why Legg Mason is Superior to PIMCO

Trian Partners led by Nelson Peltz had a bad Q2, but 2013 is great.  In their letter to shareholders, Trian explains why they like Legg Mason Inc (NYSE:LM) and hint at possible plans for the large asset manager. [Value Walk]

Looks Like Daniel Loeb Posted Another Taunting Message

‘Always the gentleman’…………. Dan Loeb left a not very nice message for Bill Ackman on his bloomberg terminal. Today, Dan Loeb has left another taunting message on his Bloomberg terminal MSG9 (“message 9”) line. Is the intended recipient Bill Ackman again? [Julia La Roche, Business Insider]

Research Analysts Are Talking To Companies Again

The Chinese wall is not so thick. In shocking news, sell side analysts are being a little bit partial when their i-banking divisions can rake in big dollars. Deal Breaker has the humorous take on this latest development. [Matt Levine, Deal Breaker]

Tesla’s Elon Musk To Share Design For Super High Speed Travel

Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA)’s Elon Musk is trying to change the world. Today he will unveil some hyperloop plan to travel across the country in minutes. Has he gone mad or will it work? Stay tuned for that news [Martha Mendoza, Financial Post]

Iceland Is Europe’s Ticking Time Bomb

Iceland suffered a massive economic collapse in 2008, and the small island nation has slowly tried to regain its posture. But could another crisis flare up in the Euro country? [Cyrus Sanati, CNN]

Prem Watsa and BlackBerry?

BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) (TSE:BB) announced that it is open to going private. While the news is not shocking, there was some interesting news regarding Prem Watsa. What is he up to now? If anyone knows its the value guys on this forum.  [Corner of Berkshire & Fairfax]

We Tried Herbalife Shakes For The First Time

Herbalife Ltd. (NYSE:HLF) has been in the news a lot due to a heated hedge fund battle between Bill Ackman and Carl Icahn. But how do their products actually taste? See the video here for the shocking experiment. [Julia La Roche and William Wei, Busniess Insider]

Not the Onion

The Hunger Games Summer Camp

Inspired by the popular book series-turned-movie franchise, the Country Day School in Largo, Florida recently established a Hunger Games summer camp in which kids competed in a series of trials (think less “swarms of tracker jackers” and more “flag football”) as they collected flags from other kids, thus signifying a “kill. [Max Nicholson, IGN]

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