Hori Joy-Con Brings Traditional D-Pad To Nintendo Switch

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When the Nintendo Switch released last year, it took the gaming world by storm. With an innovative design that gave gamers a combination of a home console and a portable gaming system, it’s an option unlike anything we’ve ever seen before and a breath of fresh air in an arena where the majority of consoles were starting to look pretty much the same. However, just because the Nintendo Switch has been incredibly successful doesn’t mean that the console isn’t without its issues. Many have complained about the lack of a traditional D-Pad on the Switch, but that problem may soon be remedied with the introduction of the Hori Joy-Con controller.

While the majority of games on the Switch work just fine using its modified version of the D-Pad, there’s a significant portion of gamers that are pining for the traditional feel of a regular D-Pad – and sometimes that familiarity can make all the difference. In many serious fighting game competitions, the competitors use an arcade fight stick, but for those who would rather stick to the system itself without any major modifications, the Hori Joy-Con might be a viable alternative.

There is one rather major catch with the Hori Joy-Con, however. While the majority of games should play just fine with this controller and even take advantage of the modified D-Pad, it doesn’t offer support for motion-sensing – meaning there are some games which just flat out won’t work with the Hori Joy-Con. If you’re interested in replacing the stock Joy-Cons, you’ll have to weigh whether it’s a reasonable tradeoff as well as consider the sorts of games you regularly play to determine if the lack of motion-sensing is going to be a deal breaker.

However, as mentioned above, the traditional D-Pad with the Hori Joy-Con is ideal for fighting games, and considering that Super Smash Brothers was just announced for the Nintendo Switch, the release of the Hori Joy-Con is hotly anticipated as a good alternative to traditional fight sticks. While fight sticks may be a little better for competition, all things considered, the Hori Joy-Con with a traditional D-Pad lets you maintain the portability of the Switch and still remain competitive while on the go.

The Hori Joy-Con will release in July in Japan, where it will be sold for 2,578 yen. There’s currently no word on whether the product will make its way to other markets, but Hori does sell other accessories around the world so it’s certainly a possibility that we’ll see an opportunity to take advantage of the traditional D-Pad in the United States.

It’s important to keep in mind when considering whether or not the Hori Joy-Con is worth a purchase that Nintendo doesn’t endorse third-party products. If there are issues with the Switch from using the new Joy-Con, it’s possible that Nintendo won’t be able to help out. With that said, Hori has a pretty good track record of creating quality accessories, so we anticipate that the Joy-Con will be a hit in the gaming community.

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