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No longer just a TV show but more – meet Home Improvement Apps

When you buy or build your home, there is a great sense of excitement especially as you settle into your surroundings. There will, inevitably come a time though that you wish to upgrade things a little and this might occur because trends change or your needs change e.g. your family expanded. Others contemplate a home improvement project because they are planning to sell on their home and wish to increase the sale value. In that case, a positive return on investment is an absolute requirement so the research phase is exceptionally important. There is no point in investing lots of money into something like the addition of an outdoor swimming pool if the area is not prone to good weather (simplistic example but you get the idea).

Home improvement projects can be as small or as large as you want them to be: they can be as simple as a wall feature addition of a number of framed pictures or it could be a full scale attic extension. What’s important is that is carried out well and if you’re doing it yourself that you have the required skills and capabilities. If you plan on bringing on board some contractors, it is so important that you only use reputable and trustworthy builders, plumbers, carpenters and so on.

A poor contractor can 100% ruin the project and end up causing you untold hassle, stress and of course money wastage. Research who you plan to use by visiting their website/Facebook page and checking for testimonials and reviews. Speak to friends and family about who they have dealt with in the past and crucially go and visit previous work. Do not rely on website gallery images as these might not even be their own! Depending on what work you are having done, you need to invest time in this to make sure you get the best people as the results will definitely show. Home improvement projects can be exciting and provide a new aspect to your home but if not carried out well, they can give untold stress!

This infographic from EZ Living highlights some really useful apps that can assist at different parts of the home improvement project journey. It’s broken down into different segments of the project for example the research phase; it also indicates what platforms the apps are available on (iOS or Android) and the cost (most are free). Check it out below and let it be your assistant through your home improvement project!

Home Improvement Apps home improvement project home improvement projects

Home Improvement Apps home improvement project home improvement projects


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