Here’s How To Block Calls On iPhone Based On Groups, Locations & More

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Wouldn’t it be great if we can ignore calls from some unwanted persons?  Maybe when we are busy doing some important work, relaxing at home or just want peace of mind for some time. In such case, how can we stop interruption through calls? That’s exactly where Call Bliss, an app for iPhone steps in.

Before looking at this app in detail, you might be wondering that why shouldn’t we use “Do not disturb” mode instead of using this app. Well, that’s because when you enable “Do not disturb” mode, you won’t be able to receive calls from anyone, and not just selective persons. Call Bliss allows you to create a list of groups of people such as friends, family, co-workers, etc, and activate them with a single tap when you want their calls or deactivate them when you don’t. You can create various such groups and add people to those groups.

Here's How To Block Calls On iPhone Based On Groups, Locations & More

Once you set these settings, Call Bliss detects your location automatically and then you will receive calls from only selected contacts, everyone else will be ignored and sent to voicemail. When you don’t want to talk to anyone, “Blackout Mode” silences all calls. And when you want to receive calls from everyone, turn on to “Open Door Mode” then anyone in your address book would be able to reach you.

Call Bliss is a perfect fit for those who want to make the annoyance of unwanted calls a distant memory. However, note that since the app detects your current location on the fly, it might drain your battery life.

The app requires an iPhone with iOS 6 installed. You can get this app from below link.

Install Call Bliss from App Store

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