Here Are 2 Ways To Create An RSS Feed From Google Plus

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We already know that Facebook and Twitter provide some ways to get updates via RSS so that users can subscribe to your RSS feeds by using a RSS Feed Reader. Google Plus still does not have any such option to subscribe via RSS. That’s where third-party (unofficial) tools can come to the rescue. Let’s take a look at two such tools to grab RSS feeds from your Google+ stream.

Google Plus Feed

Here Are 2 Ways To Create An RSS Feed From Google Plus

The first tool to get Google Plus RSS Feed is by using You just need to enter Google+ profile ID and your email address for verification purpose. You can get your Google+ profile ID from the URL, which will look something like this:

The number in this URL is your profile ID. Click on Generate and then verify your email address. You’ll now get a message that says that your feed is now active at this URL.

You can use this URL to subscribe by using any RSS Reader.


GPlusRSS is a service that can generate RSS Feed from your Google+ profile. Unlike the first solution that we’ve looked at, this service requires users to login using your Google+ credentials and then authorizing the service to access your account. This service requires access to your personal information in order to generate an RSS-Feed of your Google Plus Profile.

Apart from your own Google+ profile, you can also add another RSS-Feed from a Google+ Page or another Profile you have access to. The process to add another RSS Feed is somewhat complex though, as you will need to add your Google+ profile ID and then generating an API Key. Detailed steps are available from the official website.

You can use any one of this service to get RSS Feeds. The first solution is simple and doesn’t requires you to give access to any third-party service, whereas the second solution requires you to give access to your Google+ profile.

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