Pershing Square Profiles Top Herbalife Ltd. (HLF) Distributor, Alan Lorenz

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The 33rd Distributor Profiled from the Top of Herbalife’s Pyramid Scheme

New York, June 18, 2015 //- Pershing Square Capital Management, L.P. released a profile of Herbalife Chairman’s Club Member Alan Lorenz, the latest in a series of 23 profiles covering 33 top Herbalife Ltd. (HL) distributors.  The profiles show how top distributors blatantly utilize the elaborate, deceitful practices that are the foundation of Herbalife’s fraudulent “business opportunity.”

Alan Lorenz has been an Herbalife Ltd. distributor since 1984 and a member of Herbalife’s Chairman’s Club. Like many top distributors, he has relied on deceptive training videos and presentations, marketing Herbalife as “idiot-proof” and the “magic company.” In Mr. Lorenz’s publicly available videos and materials, he stresses that recruiting is the primary way to get ahead in the business. Mr. Lorenz’s story has been publicly embraced by Herbalife; he appears regularly in Herbalife-sponsored events and is an active member of the company’s training circuit. Mr. Lorenz’s full profile can be viewed here.

Top distributors rely on significant downlines typically comprised of thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs, most of whom will never see any real income from Herbalife.  Eighty nine percent of Herbalife distributors make no money at all in commissions and according to the company’s disclosure, 90% of distributors fail within their first year at Herbalife. The 33 profiled distributors utilize systematized recruiting methods to draw new recruits into the scam and boost their own profits.

These top distributors routinely stand alongside Herbalife management at events, appear in Herbalife sponsored videos and even serve on the company’s board of directors.  It would be impossible for Herbalife to claim total ignorance or assert that these 33 top distributors are just a “few bad apples.”  Herbalife continues to permit these top distributors’ predatory practices to thrive and the company has reaped the financial rewards for decades.

List of Herbalife’s profiled perpetrators

A complete list of the profiled perpetrators can be found here. They include:

  • Pedro Cardoso, Chairman’s Club and Member of Herbalife’s Board of Directors
  • John Tartol , Chairman’s Club and Member of Herbalife’s Board of Directors
  • Leon Waisbein, Founder’s Circle and Former Member of Herbalife’s Board of Directors
  • Maurice and Sandra Smith, Executive President’s Team
  • Steven and Debbie Combs, International Executive President’s Team
  • John and Susan Peterson, Founder’s Circle
  • Paul Michaels, President’s Team
  • Tish Rochin and Larry Thompson, Chairman’s Club (Rochin); Former Herbalife Executive and     Board Member (Thompson)
  • Brad Harris, President’s Team
  • Harry Lee and Candyce Johnson, President’s Team
  • Brett Bartholomew and Katie Carr, President’s Team
  • Garry and Jennifer De Brabander, Chairman’s Club
  • Russell Gain, President’s Team
  • Anthony Powell, President’s Team
  • Kurt and Cindy O’Connell, Chairman’s Club
  • David Bevan and Jane Clark, Chairman’s Club
  • Michael Burton, President’s Team
  • Rick and Carla Berg, President’s Team
  • Dan Waldron, Chairman’s Club
  • Leslie Stanford, Founder’s Circle and former member of Herbalife’s Board of Directors
  • Shawn Dahl, Former Chairman’s Club
  • Doran Andry, Chairman’s Club

Alan Lorenz (middle) with Herbalife CEO Michael O. Johnson (right) and EVP of Worldwide Sales Rob Levy (left) at the Herbalife Honors in 2014.

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