Hedge Funds Short Aixtron And Elekta

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Hedge Funds Short Aixtron And Elekta

Since our last update of short positions in UK, Hendreson Alternative Investment disclosed a negative position in 0.67 percent of Domino’s Pizza, Inc. (NYSE:DPZ) and 0.51 percent of Devro plc (LON:DVO). YA Global Master SPV Ltd revealed a new short in 0.69 percent of Red Rock Resources Plc (LON:RRR)’s shares outstanding. All of the above mentioned positions are unique and are not shared by any other hedge fund so far. YA Global has been covering a number of shorts before the year’s end. Holdings in Frontera Resources Corp (LON:FRR), Arian SiLver Corp (LON:AGQ) (CVE:AGQ), Nostra Terra Oil and Gas Company plc (LON:NTOG) and Regency Mines Plc (LON:RGM) were covered in entirety over the previous weeks.

In Germany, Citadel Advisors continues to stack up their short holding in SolarWorld AG (ETR:SWV) (FRA:SWV), which has now increased to 2.8 percent from 2.5 percent. Citadel has also been increasing its position in Wacker Chemie AG (ETR:WCH), the fund is shorting 1.8 percent of the company.  Joining several others, AQR Capital also initiated a short position in 0.53 percent of AIXTRON SE (NASDAQ:AIXG) (ETR:AIXA) (FRA:AIXA), a semiconductor company. The combined short bet now amounts to 15.5 percent of AIXTRON SE (NASDAQ:AIXG)(ETR:AIXA) (FRA:AIXA)’s outstanding shares.

Viking Global’s short bet in K+S Aktiengesellschaft is now equal to 1.2 percent of the company’s outstanding shares. Och-Ziff Management slightly reduced their position in TUI AG (ETR:TUI1) (FRA:TUI1) to 3.67 percent. Egerton Capital Ltd holds a short positon in 0.95 percent of Dialog Semiconductor plc (ETR:DLG) (FRA:DLG), AQR Capital is also shortselling 1.8 percent of the same company.

In Sweden, Maverick Capital increased its holding from 1.47 percent in  Elekta AB (STO:EKTA-B) to 1.9 percent and then covered it back to 1.09 percent. Eton Park is shorting 1.39 percent of Alfa Laval AB (STO:ALFA), while Greenlight Capital is also shorting Elekta AB (STO:EKTA-B). Headwater Holdings covered their entire position in SSAB AB (STO:SSAB-A) (STO:SSAB-B) and Modern Times Group Mtg AB (STO:MTG-A). Some of the largest bets in Sweden are, Cadian Capital 4.92 and 3.11 percent bet in Axis AB (STO:AXIS) (PINK:AXSAF) and Elekta AB (STO:EKTA-B), Sothic Capital’s 2.24 percent position in Eniro AB (STO:ENRO),  Lombard Odier Asset Management’s 2.57 percent bet in PA Resources AB (STO:PAR) and Kynikos Associates’ short positions as mentioned in last update.

Among the big hedge funds of Europe, BlackRock, Inc. (NYSE:BLK) is shorting 0.96 percent of Elekta AB (STO:EKTA-B), 0.59 percent of Swedish Match AB (STO:SWMA), 0.59 percent of Haldex AB (STO:HLDX), 0.48 percent of Hexagon AB (STO:HEXA-B), 0.77 percent of Getinge AB (STO:GETI-B), 0.79 percent of Husqvarna AB (STO:HUSQ-A) (STO:HUSQ-B), 0.92 percent of Meda AB (STO:MEDA-A), 0.47 percent of Boliden AB (STO:BOL) (TSE:BLS), 0.48 percent of Alfa Laval AB (STO:ALFA), 0.48 percent of Svenska Cellulosa AB SCA (STO:SCA-A) and Skanska AB (STO:SKA-B), 0.57 percent of Modern Times Group Mtg AB (STO:MTG-A).

Lansdowne Partners are shorting Atlas Copco AB (STO:ATCO-A), Sandvik AB (STO:SAND) and Elekta AB (STO:EKTA-B). Marshall Wace is shorting SSAB AB (STO:SSAB-A) (STO:SSAB-B) and Oriflame Cosmetics SA (STO:ORI-SDB).

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