Hedge Fund Solutions: Activist Investment Campaigns

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Hedge Fund Solutions ‘ will be doing a multi-part series via Valuewalk over the next month. The research firm’s catalyst equity research report weekly research highlighting activist investment campaigns.

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Hedge Fund Solutions: Activist Investment Campaigns

Aegerion Pharmaceuticals (AEGR)

Activist Investor: Sarissa Capital


Catalyst: On March 31 AEGR entered into a settlement agreement with Sarissa to appoint one representative to the board immediately and one additional representative on January 1, 2016.


Comment: We initially covered AEGR on February 5, 2015 when Sarissa Capital disclosed a 5.76% “active” stake.

ASB Bancorp, Inc. (ASBB)

Activist Investor: Lawrence Seidman

Catalyst: On April 1 Seidman disclosed a 5.89% “active” stake and said he has had several conversations with senior management about ways to maximize shareholder value.

Comment: We initially covered ASBB on October 24, 2011 when Joseph Stilwell disclosed an 8.3% “active” ownership stake (Stilwell no longer owns ASBB).

Carbonite, Inc. (CARB)

Activist Investor: J2 Global (JCOM)

Catalyst: On April 1 J2 withdrew its nomination and communicated to CARB that it is only interested in purchasing part of its business (the endpoint business).

Comment: We initially covered CARB on November 5, 2012 when JCOM disclosed a 9.9% “active” ownership stake and announced that its offer to acquire CARB for $10.50/share was rejected by the board.

On February 7, 2014 we reported that Discovery had disclosed a 5.9% “active” stake (avg. cost $11.33)

On December 2 JCOM offered to purchase CARB for $15/share in cash

On December 4 Discovery Capital (7.8% at an avg. cost of $10.99) sent a letter to CARB recommending the board form a special committee to hire an investment bank to contact potential alternative strategic and financial buyers. http://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1312548/000157104914007009/ex-1.htm

On December 10 J2 sent a letter to CARB requesting a response to its $15/share proposal.

On December 24 J2 commenced an unsolicited tender offer to acquire CARB for $15 per share.

On March 2 J2 withdrew its tender offer and formally nominated three candidates to the board.


On March 3 CARB announced that Engine Capital has nominated three candidates.


Christopher & Banks Corporation (CBK)

Activist Investor: Macellum Retail opportunity Fund

Macellum sent a letter to CBK’s Chairman criticizing CEO attrition and improper board oversight, and suggested maximizing value through a sale.


Ciber, Inc. (CBR)

Activist Investor: Bobby Stevenson

Catalyst: Three CBR directors are resigning and the Company agreed to add Bobby Stevenson and two additional directors to a reconstituted board.


Comment: We initially covered CBR on February 27 when Lone Star Value (3.6% shareholder) announced it had nominated three director candidates to the board and issued a press release criticizing the board’s poor performance, corporate governance and compensation practices.


Essex Rental Corp (ESSX)

Activist Investor: Casey Capital

Catalyst: On April 1 Casey Capital nominated three individuals to the board, sent a letter to shareholders outlining why, and submitted a Demand to inspect the company’s shareholder list.


Comment: We initially covered ESSX on February 26 when Casey Capital disclosed a 5.9% “active” stake and sent a letter to the board requesting they examine strategic alternatives and add one representative from Casey to the board.

Central GoldTrust (GTU)

Activist Investor: Polar Securities

Catalyst: On April 2 Polar nominated candidates for election to the GTU board.


GTU urged shareholder to reject the nominees


Comment: On February 12 Pekin Singer Strauss (6.4% shareholder) announced it supports Polar Securities proposal to allow redemptions of 100% net asset value for those requesting a gold redemption and 95% net asset value for those requesting cash redemption.

GTU is a Canadian-based closed-end fund that owns and holds physical gold bullion

Polar Securities announced plans to reconstitute the board for the purpose of enacting a plan to reduce the fund’s discount to NAV.


Hamilton Bancorp (HBK)

Activist Investor: Maltese Capital

Catalyst: On April 2 Maltese Capital disclosed a 9.8% “active” stake in HBK

Comment: We initially covered HBK on October 22, 2012 when Joseph Stilwell disclosed a 9.2% “active” ownership at an average cost of $11.54/share.

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