Has The Apple iPhone 6C Been Leaked? [VIDEO]

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As always when it comes to the tech industry, rumors and leaks abound. The latest concerns the Apple iPhone 6c.

This time around its a video which purportedly shows the new iPhone 6c, straight from the Foxconn factory. Apple is expected to announce a number of new products, including the smaller iPhone 6c, at an event in March, writes Benjamin Mayo for 9to5Mac.

New video reportedly shows Apple iPhone 6c handset months before release

It is thought that the iPhone 6c will be released in April, and now MIC Gadget claims to have got its hands on the new handset. As you will see, the iPhone 6c looks almost exactly like the iPhone 6s but a little bit smaller.

According to the latest rumors it will also feature similar components such as the Apple A9 SoC and NFC for Apple Pay. It is impossible to verify whether the handset in the video is in fact the iPhone 6c, and it does not show the handset next to an existing iPhone to make a size comparison.

However MIC Gadget has got its hands on other devices before release, so it’s possible that the video is legitimate. You’ll have to watch the 40-second clip and see for yourself.

Handset appears similar to existing iPhone 6s, only smaller

Apple has not officially announced the name of the new device, although most websites refer to it as the iPhone 6c thanks to its smaller size and lower-tier status in the iPhone lineup. Others claim that it might be named the iPhone 7c in preparation for the next-generation handset set to be released this fall.

The video doesn’t give much away and it’s fairly boring. Just take an iPhone 6s and shrink it slightly to get an idea of what the new handset will look like.

More leaks are expected in coming weeks as production begins in earnest, but the real excitement will come when Apple unveils the iPhone 7. The new handset is expected to boast significant upgrades to internal components as well as cosmetic changes.

For those looking for a cheaper iPhone, the 6c may be of interest. However true Apple fanboys are surely waiting for the iPhone 7.

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