Has Tesla Arrived To The Final Version Of the Cybertruck?

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Leaked images circulating on the internet revealed a new Cybertruck prototype by Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA), which due to the characteristics on display, is believed to be the final production model —or at least one that is really close.

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Since the unveiling of the concept car just over two years ago, Tesla's electric pickup truck has been a surprise to the public, with its disruptive and unconventional exterior design, and the extensive features and gadgets listed.

However, the road for Cybertruck has been longer than expected —creativity surpassed reality, and, to date, the concept of the vehicle has had to adapt to standards, with the initial idea changing in various aspects.

The industry expects it to be so, and even more so customers who have rushed to make reservations since the vehicle’s premiere —potential buyers who keep their interest in Tesla’s Cybertruck intact.

This has led to leaked photos that were published in a fan forum, raising expectations, where people can see the electric pick-up from very close range, with some slight changes —albeit without losing its futuristic essence.

Design Details

According to specialized site Teslarati, on the outside, the design maintains the edged shapes, the illuminated strip on the front, and the square wheel arches.

Also, the wheels no longer have the aerodynamic caps of the initial model and now have a conventional design, while the digital rearview mirrors were also replaced by "normal" ones.

This has to do in part with legislation in the U.S. that still does not allow them, but the normal mirrors will likely be removable to adapt the digital ones in the future —or use them where they are approved, such as in Europe.

A confirmed design adjustment is the removal of the door handles. This being the case, a hands-free opening system will be used, which should work with some type of sensor or by connecting mobile applications. Production is scheduled to finally begin in 2023.

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