Happy New Year: A Look At 2012 And Into 2013

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We wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year. Again, we would like to thank our readers for making 2012 a spectacular success, and we hope 2013 is even better. We wanted to discuss some exciting new features we have added, which readers may not be aware of, and some other features we hope to implement in the coming year.

New Partnerships

We are excited to announce a new partnership with the CFA Institute, which we closed on New Year’s eve. The agreement will allow us to post some of what we consider their best content on ValueWalk (in full). We will be posting articles from their site hopefully starting tomorrow. For those interested in our political news, we will be syndicating select Stratfor articles as well. We do not syndicate much, but we are working out agreements with some sites which we believe have very high quality content. We will announce any big news, and if it is smaller news you will see it on the site, twitter etc.

Unique Pages

We are currently working on some interesting pages to add to the site, in hopes to make this your one stop location for investing, news etc. At least one of the new page ideas is completely unique, and we think extremely interesting. That page will be done hopefully within a few weeks; we will make an announcement when it is ready. Additionally, we hope to add and update some of our investor resource pages in the coming months.

Research Articles

We try to provide breaking and exclusive news on  a regular basis. As our contacts and sources have grown (and continue to) we hope in particular to have more exclusives on M&A deals, as well as other topics.

We also have been expanding the amount of ‘research articles’. We will now be/have been posting some articles on credit on a regular basis. We hope to significantly expand the amount of research we put out on a regular basis. Having access to literally thousands of new research reports a day, we realize that manyof our readers also have access to these reports. Therefore, we strive and continue to strive, to not only provide interesting numbers and information but also offer it fro a unique perspective.

New Email List

We started a new email list, which has a lot more features than the previous one provided by Google. People can decide which categories they want to subscribe to, and how often they wish to receive the emails. We hope to fine tune the email list even more, but for now it is far superior to the old subscription option through Google. The email newsletter subscription form and further information can be found here-https://www.valuewalk.com/get-our-newsletter/


We have fine tuned premium significantly in the past few weeks. We have added a screener, changed the user interface, and removed all ads from the section. We are gracious for the suggestions from existing subscribers. We now offer three write ups a month on liquid stock with little or no coverage on the sell-side, blogs, or closed investor forums. We hope to add some new content soon, which we think existing and new subscribers will like; but we do not want to announce anything prematurely. If you want to check out our current content here-https://www.valuewalk.com/get-premium-access/. We plan to have more free articles in addition to expanding the content in the premium section.


A few people have requested the RSS feed for our founder, Jacob Wolinsky. If anyone wants to follow just his articles it can be found here-http://feeds.feedburner.com/JacobWolinsky. Additionally, we have seperate feeds for several categories. We think many of our long time-readers may be interested in just our  http://feeds.feedburner.com/ValuewalkBusiness business feeds (it includes many value investing related stories, plus breaking news and analysis). We hope to segregate these different topics even further (so that people can chose exactly what they want) in the coming year.

If you ever need anything, the best way to get a quick response is to email our general inbox, info(@)www.valuewalk.com. Thanks again to all our loyal readers and we are looking forward to 2013!

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