Habits of Highly Successful People [Infographic]

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What do Oprah, Bill Gates, and Warren Buffett all have in common? They all set aside copious amounts of time for reading. A lifetime love of learning is crucial to long term success, and without it most people will stagnate both personally and professionally. Warren Buffett spends about 80% of his waking hours reading, while Bill Gates reads about a book a week. But being a bookworm isn’t the only thing highly successful people do on a regular basis.

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Exercise is vital to keeping your body and your mind sharp. Richard Branson wakes up every day at5 a.m. to do one sort of sporting activity or another, from kitesurfing to tennis. Exercise improves your ability to solve problems and teaches you to push through barriers. Keeping your body fit can also help you get through tough times, and making time for exercise can also improve your time management skills.

Having a strong and positive mindset is also critical to success- negativity is cancer to success. Sheryl Sandberg crusades against women feeling like they don’t deserve a seat at the table by encouraging all women to lean in. Thomas Edison was one of the most notable businessmen of his time because he was able to push through failure and learn from it. Mistakes are fine as long as you can learn from them.

There are a number of changes you can make to your life today that will pay off in spades going forward. Reading more, exercising more, and turning those negative thoughts around are just the first step to a better you. Taking cues from your favorite successful celebrity or business person is a great way to change your life for the better, but just remember everyone’s journey is different. Learn more about the habits of highly successful people from this infographic!

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