GTA 6 Rumors: All The Latest On The Biggest Game In History

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As gamers await the next generation Rockstar title, a wealth of GTA 6 rumors have emerged. This will undoubtedly be the biggest video game in history, not least due to the wait between GTA titles. GTA 5 hit the stores back in September 2013, and by the time that GTA 6 arrives there be an eight-year gap between the two titles.

Naturally this has resulted in the rumor mill churning in the meantime, so here is a round-up of all the key GTA 6 rumors.

FPS update

The first-person mode that Rockstar introduced with GTA 5 was undoubtedly a success. But despite the acclaim that this innovation received, there is still significant room for improvement when GTA 6 is released. The feeling is that the mechanics of this game mode needs to be significantly improved, as the movement currently feels too artificial.

Whispers from close to the Rockstar development unit suggests that there is already tentative work underway with the intention of improving first-person functionality for the GTA 6 release. Undoubtedly, the forthcoming Red Dead Redemption 2 is the primary focus of Rockstar at present, but some work has already taken place on the potentially mammoth GTA 6 title.

The feeling is that the first-person feature will be more of a central aspect to the game when GTA 6 is unveiled, rather than a pleasing gimmick, as was largely the case with GTA 5.

All cities available

One of the most persistent GTA 6 rumors is that all cities from previous GTA games will be available to explore when GTA 6 is released. This would obviously require an incredible feat of programming, but the technology is now probably available to make this suggestion at least feasible.

Certainly we can expect the map in GTA 6 to be far larger than in any previous game in the series. There is no doubt that Rockstar will have something truly epic in mind for the next release in this range, so will be interesting to see what emerges when the GTA 6 map is unveiled.

All characters return

Another suggestion which will bring misty-eyed nostalgia to many fans of the GTA series is the suggestion that all previous game characters may reunite in GTA 6. Certainly Rockstar has being keen to engage in a little intertextuality and in-game referencing in the past, with characters from GTA games often cropping up in sequels.

But whether it would go the whole hog and include all GTA characters in a single game is extremely dubious. Rockstar has always been keen to ensure that each GTA title moves forward from previous releases, and including characters from GTA 3, for example, which will be two decades old by the time that GTA 6 arrives, seems like something of a retrograde step.

Next gen focus

Some reports have suggested that such will be the system requirements of GTA 6 that the game will only appear on the PlayStation 4 Pro and next-generation Xbox One machines. Whether this refers to the Xbox One S or Xbox One X is debatable, but among GTA 6 rumors this seems to be the most unlikely.

Not only is there previous precedent of Rockstar releasing the GTA 5 title on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 before the current gen sequels, but the developer would also be cutting off a huge chunk of potential revenue. It is far more likely that there will be a consolidated release across all consoles from day one, especially considering that both Sony and Microsoft have been diligent in ensuring support for the PlayStation 4 and original Xbox One machines.

London setting

While the GTA universe naturally lends itself to an American location, there are continual suggestions that London could play a role as a setting for GTA 6. Whether this would be instead of, or in addition to, the inclusion of cities from the previous GTA games remains to be seen.

When GTA titles have been set in England, it has always proved to be popular. But the inability to purchase guns in Britain would surely render this idea another unlikely concept in the list of GTA 6 rumors. While Rockstar may tinker with the idea of alternative settings in the future, it seems nailed on that the next GTA game will continue to be located exclusively in the United States.

Online only title

Another of the GTA 6 rumors that has caused alarm in some quarters is the suggestion that the game will only be playable online. This notion really comes from the general direction of the video games industry, with online play, streaming, downloading and general functionality becoming ever more important in gaming.

What can be said with some confidence is that GTA 6 will make more usage of online play and functionality than any previous GTA title, and that this will be available from game one. However, Rockstar has always prided itself in its storytelling capabilities, and is highly unlikely to jettison a single-player version of the GTA 6 universe.

Time travel

As Rockstar seeks innovative ways to expand the GTA 6 universe, it has been suggested that time travel maybe possible in the next release. This has already been achieved in the Hill Valley modification available on the PC version of GTA Vice City, but there could be a more enhanced version of time travel coming to GTA 6.

This opens up a world of possibility, but can certainly be filed under speculation for the time being.

Release date

With Rockstar still engaged with Red Dead Redemption 2, there is no possibility of GTA 6 appearing next year, and the likelihood of a 2019 release is extremely slim. At the very earliest, this massive video game title will appear in 2020, but the release date may even be pushed back to 2021.

Previous GTA releases have been delayed significantly, while Rockstar perfected all aspects ahead of their issuing into the public domain, and it is probably wise to err on the side of caution when estimating the ultimate release date of GTA 6. Whatever GTA 6 rumors may say, expect this title to emerge into 2021.

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