Many Asking If A GTA 6 Announcement Is Imminent

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The Grand Theft Auto series is, without a doubt, one of the most celebrated and important video game series of all time. Ever since its humble inception back in 1997, every subsequent installment in the series has been a highly anticipated, speculated, and rumored-upon title. The massive success of the open-world crime simulator series can be attributed to all of the factors that, in one way or another, have contributed to making the games unique among all others.

Once GTA 6 arrives, it will undoubtedly further cement the overall success of the franchise in the video game industry. This is obviously true, as Rockstar Games wouldn’t opt to develop another installment if otherwise. Unfortunately for fans, however, is the fact that Rockstar has yet to divulge any details regarding the game. New rumors, on the other hand, suggest that gamers might be able to expect the game to be unveiled sometime this year, and to be released sometime in 2018.

Could GTA 6 be announced this year and released in 2018?

These speculations regarding the unveiling of GTA 6 this year root from the recent fiscal report of Rockstar’s parent company, Take-Two Interactive. The company stated that new projects are being currently worked on. Though nothing specific was iterated, many believe that these “projects” could include the highly anticipated GTA 6.

At this point, rumors about the game being unveiled this year began to surface. Nonetheless, many suspect 2017 to be a more appropriate year for the game’s unveiling. This year or the next, the upcoming title has a high chance of being showcased at Sony’s PlayStation event on September 7th, despite it being meant primarily for the revealing of the PlayStation Neo as well as the PlayStation 4 Slim.

Regarding GTA 6’s release date, most expect it to be sometime in 2018. Keep in mind that this would fall in line with the general 4- to 5-year gap timeline set by Rockstar’s franchise. If the company decides to follow this pattern, players should expect to see the game released in the aforementioned year. If not this year, then it is very possible for the studio the unveil the game at next year’s E3 conference.

GTA 6 to be next installment in storied franchise

Ever since the game first made waves in the video game community, it secured its place as a game-changer. Not soon after, other video game studios began to attempt to create their very own versions of Grand Theft Auto. While many games may attempt to emulate what Rockstar Games’ series does so well, it still, and will, stand that Grand Theft Auto was the first of its kind.

Now, almost two decades since the game first exploded into popular culture, people are clamoring for the next installment, GTA 6. The developers are no doubt under high levels of pressure to create some distinct and new. Factoring in the drastic evolution and change that the video game industry in undergoing, such as upcoming mid-generation console upgrades as well as the introduction of new technologies such as 4K and virtual reality, it’s hard not to deny that the video game world is being shaken up.

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