GTA 6 Release Date, Location, Character Rumors

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Can you believe it has been four years since GTA 5 launched? Even more unbelievable is how well that game continues to perform in the gaming charts. And that proves, that Rockstar’s action crime series still has an enormous worldwide appeal. Which begs the question, what about GTA 6 release date, when will it launch, where will it be set? The questions are many and could take some time to answer. Having said that, we’re going to try and answer a few of the most prominent, and share some rumors.

GTA 6 Release Date

Now that Red Dead Redemption 2 is official, it almost a certainty that Rockstar Games will make sure it’s a hit. Meaning, that 2017 could be just about RDR 2, why? Because resources for the developer are tight right now, and it needs to focus on the online Multiplayer features of the game. If you’re a GTA fan, you can blame this on the popularity of GTA 5 and its Multiplayer features.

It’s exactly because of its success that Rockstar want’s to replicate it again for the Wild West. And that’s why you shouldn’t expect to see GTA 6 launch in 2017. So, what about 2018? Right now, Rockstar is tight-lipped about any release date, but in reality, nothing has changed with the announcement of RDR 2. We still know that its smooth roll out will be a priority. As will the setup and continued operation of its online portal, all of which could also rule out 2018.

So, with 2018 a no-no, what about 2019? While more likely than the previous year, could Rockstar develop GTA 6 and its online multiplayer offering in as little as 12-18 months? It is, after all, possible. It would just be a matter of resources, man-hours, and money. However, we think 2020 is more than likely, yes it’s far off, but getting the next crime action installment right is necessary!

Where Will It Be Set?

As Rockstar has officially said nothing, the following information is based on rumor and snippets of revealing details taken from interviews.

One of the biggest questions coming from GTA fans revolves around the game’s setting. So, where will GTA 6 be set? Previous iterations of the franchise have focused on placing the action within a city. However, there is growing speculation that due to improvements in technology, that could dramatically change with GTA 6 The speculation suggests the next installment could be massive, so vast that it encompasses the entire USA!

Imagine being able to take your character from New York to Los Angeles; the possibilities would be near endless. That would certainly be something that would require a new console technology. Probably something like the Xbox Scorpio or PlayStation 5 to realize its full potential.

However, another rumor indicates that the London, the capital of the UK could be the next location. This originated via Dan Houser, the co-founder of Rockstar when he said:

“At the moment, it feels like GTA’s DNA is contemporary-ish, American-ish, English-speaking-ish, because that’s what it has been… But that doesn’t necessarily limit it to those, that’s just what we’ve done so far.”

Now, if all the above are inaccurate, there is a third rumor, and this could see GTA 6 return to Vice City. It was based on a 1970’s theme and is the only city of the three included in the GTA 3 Trilogy that has not been revisited in recent games.

More Playable Characters

GTA V offered a player the choice of three playable characters, which was a hit. For GTA 6, the rumor is, this is going to be worked on some more. Possibly, meaning that you could create your own character, similar to how it’s possible with GTA Online. The problem, however, is how this would change the pre-programmed narrative of the game. No matter how much of a free-for-all GTA may seem, in reality, it’s not.

Sticking with character choices, how about being given a chance to be a cop or a felon, does that sound appealing? GTA 5 features multiple protagonist features. And rumors are suggesting that these could lead the way for a clear choice in the next installment. Meaning, you could be given the opportunity of being a good or bad guy!

Earlier in the year, we reported on how the emergence of another female protagonist was entirely possible for GTA 6. And it appears that it is still one of the top wishes of players interested in buying into the next crime action installment. As for what this rumor suggests, it has a Hollywood heavyweight like Eva Mendez lending her voice to the character. Back in February, we reported that she had begun work on the role, along with Ryan Gosling. Who is also a Hollywood star, and if you believe the rumors, is the voice of a new male character?

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, with the continued silence surrounding GTA 6, the near 100-percent majority of information we have to go on are rumors. And as you know, often they are wrong, as for what others have written late in 2016, Gamenguide reported that: The only thing GTA fans can be assured of, is that GTA 6 has already had its foundations laid. However, back then, it also stated that no location or settings had been agreed upon. Yes, preliminary production had taken place which included artwork, drawing boards, rough modeling, etc.

However, the bases for these details has since been challenged, by those who suggest GTA 6 is in a much more developed state.

As alway’s, if and when we hear more, we will publish it. In the meantime, come and share what you hope to see from Rockstar’s next GTA incarnation.

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