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Growth In Sovereign Wealth Fund Assets Stalls Amid low oil prices

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Global sovereign wealth fund AUM rises by 1% in a year, with 76 funds holding $6.59tn as of March 2017

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The total assets under management (AUM) held by sovereign wealth funds (SWF) globally has levelled in the past two years, with growth of just 3% and 1% in 2015 and 2016 respectively. The 2017 Preqin Sovereign Wealth Fund Review, which launches today, finds that total AUM among these investors rose from $6.51tn in March 2016 to $6.59tn a year later. This pace of growth is in sharp contrast to previous years: sovereign wealth fund assets grew by 17% between December 2011 and December 2012, and by a further 16% the following year.

The report also finds a wide variance in the size, scope and purpose of sovereign wealth funds investing today. The top 10 largest funds in the world collectively hold $5.2tn in assets – 79% of the entire investor class – and their holdings are correspondingly extensive. By contrast, a quarter of sovereign wealth funds were incepted in the last six years, 45% of all SWFs hold less than $10bn in assets, and 26% of all SWFs only have exposure to traditional asset classes such as public equities and fixed income.

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Other Key Sovereign Wealth Fund Facts:

  • Preqin currently tracks 76 active sovereign wealth funds, which collectively manage $6.59tn in assets.
  • AUM of these investors grew by 3% in the year to March 2016, and just 1% in the following 12 months. This compares with growth of 17% in 2012 and 16% in 2013.
  • However, the majority of sovereign wealth funds (51%) saw their assets increase in the year to March 2017. Only 29% saw their AUM fall, down from 36% a year previously.
  • After seeing their assets fall slightly in the year to March 2016, hydrocarbon-funded sovereign wealth funds grew by $60bn in the 12 months up to March 2017.
  • From March 2016 to March 2017, sovereign wealth funds funded by other commodities grew by $10bn, as did those funds funded by non-commodity sources. These classes of SWF now command $0.06tn and $3.04tn in assets respectively.
  • The proportions of sovereign wealth funds investing in public equities and fixed income are falling: 79% of funds now commit to public equities, and 78% to fixed income products. However, 26% solely invest in these asset classes.
  • Conversely, sovereign wealth funds are increasingly investing in alternative assets. Sixty-one percent have allocations to private equity, and 63% commit to real estate, with an equal proportion investing in infrastructure.

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Selina Sy, Editor – 2017 Preqin Sovereign Wealth Fund Review:

“Sovereign wealth funds count among their number some of the largest single investors in public or private equities, and as such their importance as a class of investor remains large. However, the past 24 months have seen very little growth in their assets, which now stand at $6.6tn. This is evidence of the wide range of factors that are affecting various funds globally at present – macroeconomic headwinds, low oil prices, and shifts in domestic and economic policy from their governments have all contributed to this tapering off.

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The other key trend that emerges is that the traditional conception of a sovereign wealth fund as a well-established investor funded by the sale of hydrocarbons, with assets in the tens or hundreds of billions, is no longer sufficient. Increasingly, states view sovereign wealth funds as a key element of economic futureproofing, and so many are looking to set up and advance their own state-backed entities to assist the nation’s socio-economic development and diversify exposure away from a reliance on one source. As such, we may see sovereign wealth funds increasingly become as diversified as other institutional investor classes in the range, scope and ambition of their investment.”

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Article by Preqin

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