Michael Hartnett Is Tracking The Market’s Rotation From Davos Man To Joe Six-Pack Investments

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The “Great Rotation.” In an exclusive interview Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s Chief Investment Strategist, Michael Hartnett describes the mega changes occurring in the global economy and what they mean for investors.

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Can you feel the investment ground shifting under your feet? Is your portfolio off balance, even out of whack?  If so, welcome to the shift from the Davos Man era to Joe Six-Pack, what this week’s exclusive WealthTrack guest calls the “Great Rotation.” According to him there are financial sea changes occurring that go far beyond Dow 20000 and the presidency of Donald Trump.

He is Michael Hartnett, a financial thought leader and chief investment strategist at Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Research, where he identifies key global market trends and provides strategic insights and solutions for both institutional and individual clients.

Michael Hartnett

His research team was named the “Top Global research Firm of 2016” by Institutional Investor magazine for the sixth straight year. Hartnett and his group are big on themes which put economic, investment, demographic and even cultural and social trends around the world in perspective.  And just about everywhere they look, there is a great rotation occurring. The global economy is moving from secular stagnation to cyclical recovery. Deflation is disappearing and inflation is appearing. Central bank stimulus is being replaced by fiscal stimulus. Globalization is being pressured by isolationism, and the winning investments of the last 8 years are being eclipsed. Bonds are falling, commodities are rallying. Growth stocks are now lagging value ones. Large-caps have been overtaken by small-cap and technology has ceded its leadership to banks.

I will ask Hartnett why these shifts seem to be happening simultaneously, how durable they are and what he is telling clients to do with their investments.



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Under The Radar

Financial thought leader Michael Hartnett and his top ranked research team at Bank of America Merrill Lynch have a knack for spotting developing trends before they surface. He shared a couple they are monitoring now.

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