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Think just any master’s degree is going to make you rich? Think again! In many fields, graduates holding master’s degrees are not benefiting as they might have expected, but graphic design is among the big shockers in the field.

The degrees at the bottom of the list of the best master’s degrees created by Forbes are getting all the attention today. But what is it that makes them ‘the worst master’s degrees?’

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Using the recent report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Market Inspector has examined factors like the salaries, happiness level, stress level. and employment security for seven degrees. Happiness might be subjective, but the researchers at the National Academy of Sciences have found that having a low income actually makes people miserable to the extent that they are more likely to divorce, become ill or feel lonely. These symptoms are more common in people who have a strong desire to make money.

The ‘job meaning’ is also presented by BLS and it refers to what employees are getting out from their jobs at a personal level. Being able to enjoy a workplace and feeling the importance of your work is strongly related to this concept.

Some jobs require at least a master’s degree, yet the early career pay is relatively small in some fields compared to others. The aforementioned master’s degrees fall into the following fields: graphic design, interior design, early childhood education, human services, writing, pastoral services, and library science.

Those working in libraries, churches or interior designing companies should expect low salaries at the beginning of their career. The employment projection in these industries is unlikely to grow, unfortunately. Additionally, many incumbent librarians will have to retire first, so that young graduates have working places. More than half of pastors work more than 50 hours a week, and some even work more than that!

Our biggest surprise was the Graphic Design field, which is number one on the list. The graduates in Graphic Design have the lowest job satisfaction and experience a very low rate of employment projection. While most graphic designers love a creative environment such as the publishing sector, the BLS show that the employment is projected to decline with 35% from 2014 to 2024. However, employment of graphic designers in computer systems design and related services is projected to grow 21%. With the increasing number of digital businesses, companies have expanded their search for qualitative web design solutions. Therefore, the field that perceives the art as a way to leverage technology is providing more job opportunities for talented graduates.

Take a look at the list of the 7 master’s degrees with the most challenging outlooks, and facts you might not know about these fields.

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