GoPro Unveils Karma Drone

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Last year, GoPro teased a drone at the 2015 Code Conference only to delay it earlier this year. But now, the company has finally unveiled it’s foldable drone while bundling its iconic cameras for a surprisingly low price point after the original outlay of $799 for just Karma Drone.

GoPro highlights ease of use with its entry into the drone market with the Karma Drone

The action camera company announced today that its long-awaited drone called the Karma will go on sale October 23 and will cost you $799. In unveiling the drone the company also showed those in attendance two new cameras after a bit of Apple like ambivalence to something new. The Karma will set you back $999 with a Hero 5 Session or $1,099 when bundled with the newly announced Hero 5.

GoPro is hoping that its hit a home run with the foldable design of its quadcopter and is stressing its portability by including a free backpack to those who purchase the first drone offering from the company which has fallen on hard times despite its unique, almost omnipresent, presence in the action camera arena.

The Karma is designed to fly flawlessly with the Hero5, Hero5 Session and the Hero4  given it’s front-mounted 3-axis gimbal designed to stabilize the Karma which will be controlled by a simple clam-shell controller with one half taken up by a touchscreen and the other featuring two joysticks and fewer buttons than you would imagine.

GoPro has no shortage of competition in the drone market and it remains to be seen whether they can carve out a part of the market until consumers are available to laud or rave about Karma.

For those looking forward to the Hero5 Black ($399) and the Hero5 Session, you’ll be happy to know that each will be released well ahead of the Karma drone when the cameras are released on October 2 with a fair bit of supporting software.

GoPro Karma Drone
Image source: GoPro

Drones are not easy to fly

While it’s no excuse to nearly hit a plane, drones are difficult to manage for some, but GoPro promises that the Karma is not difficult to operate. Without a built-in camera, many enthusiasts will shy away from the Karma, but for owners of the Hero4 or those thinking about buying the newly unveiled Hero5 line, you may have an interest in the Karma. For those that do not, you’re likely better off with a DJI drone and it’s awkwardness to carry.

The Karma itself is a bit of a new way of drone manufacturing it, but I’ll be the first to point out that neither I nor anyone outside of GoPro has taken one for a test-drive.

GoPro Karma Drone
Image source: GoPro

Long awaited Hero rework

For many, the lack of a viewing screen on the Hero4 Black was bothersome and, almost, lazy.

No longer. The Hero5 Black gives you your viewing screen back while also shooting 4K video at 30 frames per second and 1080p video at 120 fps. With three microphones, it’s reported to switch them to give you the best audio.

What really stood out at its unveiling was its voice control function that allows you to nearly kill yourself on that mountain bike track and film it for posterity. Speak English? You’re covered but if you speak a romance language the Hero5 Black will understand you.

While I’m skeptical that GoPro is on the rise, that doesn’t mean I’ve never been wrong.

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