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GoPro Inc Hero5: What We Know So Far

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Hero5 is expected to be equipped with an impressive 2800mAh battery that will offer 1.5x longer battery life

GoPro’s latest Hero4 action camera was a roaring success. The San Mateo-based company sold 2.4 million units in the December quarter, which included the crucial holiday season. Following the success of Hero4, consumer attention has turned to its successor. Competition in the action camera market has intensified as heavyweights like Sony, HTC, and Canon have entered the segment.

GoPro expected to launch Hero5 in October

With Hero5, GoPro will have to do better than Hero4 and rival products to stand out in the market. Though the Nick Woodman-led company has not confirmed anything yet, the capture device is expected to hit the stores in October this year. GoPro has historically released all of its flagship action cameras in October. It gives the company plenty of time to add new features and fine tune specifications.

Franchise Herald reports that the Hero5 will offer 60 frames per second (fps) with 4K or 8K resolution. GoPro’s new firmware update allows Hero4 users to capture 2.7K resolution at 60fps and 720p resolution at 240fps. Martin Blanc of Bidness ETC says that Hero5 will be capable of capturing 8K videos. That will go well with the increased fps.

GoPro Hero5 may support 3D technology

Though 8K resolution would help users take great videos, consumers believe that it might delay the upload time. However, GoPro has said that an advanced Bluetooth 4.0 will let users upload the images faster. Hero5 is also rumored to support 3D technology. All these enhanced features will be consuming a lot of battery power.

Franchise Herald expects GoPro Hero5 to be equipped with an impressive 2800mAh battery that will offer 1.5x longer battery life. However, a bigger battery could make the capture device a bit heavier. GoPro’s next camera will have an underwater diving range of 60 meters, up from 40 meters of the Hero4. With a higher diving range, better battery, higher resolution, and 3D support, the Hero5 is expected to be priced between $400 and $500.

What features do you expect to see in GoPro Hero5?

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