GoPro Hero4 vs. Hero3+ vs. Hero3: Action Camera Comparison

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What is a GoPro action camera? If you’re looking for a simple explanation, GoPro action cameras are small and lightweight devices, which are both wearable and mountable. However, most importantly they are completely portable. So in this article today I am briefly going to compare three GoPro action camera’s the Hero4, Hero3 + and the Hero 3 all from GoPro’s black range, in an attempt to discover, which is the better camera.

Action Camera Form Factor

To start with the square looking form factor of the Hero 4, 3+ and the 3 look relatively the same, so with its latest edition GoPro has decided to stick with what works. However, there are some relatively minor differences between the Hero 4 and its predecessors, such as an LCD screen that is now home to the connection LED’s and status information.

Also there has been, what could be considered to be a more hidden change to the battery, it has changed in both specification and shape. And this means that the battery charges and batteries for both the GoPro Hero 3+ and the 3 will not work with the Hero 4.

GoPro Remote Control

It is becoming increasingly common to see action cameras coming with remote controls, these allow the user to get the perfect shot, say for diving of a cliff or setting up a group picture. The Hero 4 black is the only camera of the three featured in this comparison to come with one in the box. However, it is backwards compatible with the Hero 3+ and 3. GoPro have named the remote the “Smart Remote” and have bundled it with the Hero 4 black edition and a new battery backpack that offers to extend battery lifetime by up to 15%.

However, this new battery extender is not compatible with the older Hero 3+ and 3 versions of this popular action camera range.

GoPro Hero4 vs. Hero3+ vs. Hero3: Action Camera Comparison

Controls and Switches

At first glance you may not think much has changed with button positions and sizes however, the Hero 4 Black has a front button that switches the camera on and off and also allows you to select the shooting option required, like video and stills. So far, this is the same as with the previous cameras, nothing has changed here. But, there is a larger side button than is found on the 3+, and this allows for the changing of settings much more efficiently. On the Hero 3+ this button just switches the Wi-Fi on and off, so it is an improvement.

As for the top button on the GoPro action camera’s it still does the same job on all three models.

Which GoPro Action Camera comes out on Top?

If you are looking at these three action cameras and wondering, which one will give you the better recording quality in video and still formats then it has to be the Hero 4 Black edition. It has the ability to record at 4k and 2.7k at 30fps and 50fps, plus with High-def 1080p being its standard definition it can record at an amazing frame rate of 80 per second. Furthermore, if you dial back the quality a little to 720p you can turn up the frame rate capture to 120fps, which is great for slow motion capture!

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