GoPro Hero 5 Video Leak And Other Rumors

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GoPro is rumored to be working on a new flagship camera called the Hero 5, and according to some, it could be available as early as the fourth quarter. Furthermore, with GoPro keeping quiet on the subject, there are few official specs and little information on features to share, but a leaked video and a whole host of rumors could give us a clue as to what to expect.

GoPro Hero 5 video leaked

A leaked video that appears to be about the Hero 5 action camera was recently shared on Reddit and Vimeo and looks very similar to how-to videos that can are found on GoPro’s iOS and Android mobile apps. At only nine seconds long, the video shows how a user can connect the yet-to-be-unveiled camera to a smartphone. Could this really be the GoPro Hero 5?

While the video is a short one, it does reveal some information, such as that the entire rear end of the camera appears to be made up of a touchscreen interface, which would be in line with rumors. Also if this is the Hero 5, that touchscreen could mean the inch-long slot that enabled the connection of extra batteries, LCD screens and other accessories could be gone or moved to somewhere else on the device.

It appears the shutter and record buttons have been altered. Getting detail from such a short video is difficult, but it does give us an idea as to what GoPro may be about to offer consumers.

Menu change

The menu looks a little different from the one on the GoPro Hero 4. It seems somehow simpler and touchscreen-friendly, and this could be because it has a row of quickly accessible settings at the bottom for changing frame rate, resolution and shooting mode. Plus, there’s something called “GoPro Sniper,” which is curious. As far as I can tell, there is no information anywhere on this, so perhaps it is a project name for a different product.

3D video capture and 4K 30fps

The last flagship camera GoPro launched was the Hero 4 Black in 2014, and since then, video recording technologies have continued to advance at a steady pace. Now in 2016, 4K is the definition any action camera aficionado wants to be recording at, and while the Hero 4 could do that, it was at the slow rate of 30fps. However, rumors suggest that the Hero 5 will offer a superior 4K recording and playback rate of up to 60fps, which would have a noticeable positive impact on the quality of video able to be shot with 4K.

Rumors about 3D video capture are still a little vague, but what I can tell you is that the action camera could have a dual-camera set-up, and this is the feature which would allow it to capture 3D video footage.

GoPro Hero 5 Video Leak And Other Rumors
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Larger battery

The Hero 5 is also expected to gain from the improvements seen in battery technology, meaning it could get a 2800mAh power pack, which would enable it to last much longer than previous cameras.


It is possible that the lack of an open bus connector on the rear of the Hero 5 means that the camera is waterproof, just like the small Session camera. Recent rumors have suggested that the device could be waterproof up to a depth of 60 meters, but there is no talk about how long it would be able to sustain that depth for.

Karma drone bundle

At the moment, there is relatively few rumors concerning the Hero 5, and with nothing having been directly said about the product by GoPro, the only thing we have to go on is an interview that GoPro CEO Nick Woodman gave in early July. At that time, he confirmed that three new products would be launched during the Christmas period. However, he did not mention a date and went on to suggest that two products, one which could be the Hero 5 and another the Karma drone, had been held back.

Some rumors have suggested that this could be because GoPro is planning on launching the drone and Hero 5 together as a bundle, but yet again, this is only a rumor, and nothing can be confirmed or denied.

Other rumors

Form factor is a big deal for consumers, and smaller cameras can get the better for many. Plus, some rumors have been suggesting that the next GoPro could have very few parts, meaning that there is less to carry and as a whole, the device is more portable. This feels somewhat similar to what CEO Nick Woodman was trying to say in July when he stated that GoPro customers want something they can just pick up and use with no complications. So maybe the Hero 5 will be waterproof, offer 4K at 60fps, capture 3D images, have a touchscreen, and be the lightest weight, easy-to-use and portable GoPro camera.

When will it arrive?

As it currently stands, the camera has not been officially announced, so there is no news on an exact date. However, CEO Woodman did mention that three new devices could be launched as early as September or as late as December.

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