GoPro Inc Launches Portal To Let Creators License Videos

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GoPro has launched a premium content licensing portal to help its creator community license their photos and videos to brands, advertising agencies, TV and movie studios. It has opened a new avenue of profit for adventurous videographers. The licensing portal will showcase popular and new content, and enable search and filtering with the help of rich meta-data.

GoPro licensing portal to offer only high-quality videos

If a brand, advertiser or studio chooses to license your video, you’ll get paid. However, the buyer and seller both will have to apply for access to the licensing platform. GoPro said in a press release that pricing would start at $1,000 per clip. The San Mateo-based action camera maker says the portal will provide only high-quality videos. At the launch of the service, it features approximately 600 videos produced by GoPro, athletes, and GoPro users.

The action camera maker said it would allow video creators to watermark pre-licensing videos so potential buyers cannot bypass paying the licensing fee. The term of the license is six months. The new portal is a major step in GoPro’s mission to transform itself into a media juggernaut. Even before it went public, GoPro has been exploring ways to monetize thousands of videos its users produce.

GoPro undergoing massive transformation

Recently, GoPro hired Charlotte Koh, the former head of Hulu’s original content initiatives, to oversee its content business. Koh’s responsibilities include forming partnerships with studios, networks, and Hollywood creatives to co-produce content. Koh told Variety in an interview that the company may also produce shows and documentary for distribution on traditional TV networks.

The action camera maker is investing heavily in creating a strong ecosystem to ensure that its users stay loyal to the brand. The company has built a powerful brand with a devoted user base. That’s the reason its competitors have failed to gain traction in the action camera market despite offering high-end products at relatively lower prices. Thousands of videos created and shared by users further raise brand awareness.

GoPro shares rose 1.22% to $60.80 in pre-market trading Tuesday.


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