Google’s ‘Fun Facts’ Make The Internet More Educational

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Google wants to make the internet search experience a little more fun and educational. Simply type “I’m feeling curious” or “fun facts” into the search bar, hit the search button, and learn something new. The facts are probably more for entertainment purposes than actual learning value though. Many of the facts come from less reputable sources such as Wikipedia, but sometimes the facts come from more trustworthy sources like government websites or news outlets. Users who want to explore the feature can click the big blue “Ask Another Question” button for more fun facts.

Google’s Easter Egg pleases curious minds

There are so many fun facts users can discover by clicking on the large blue button. One notable fact shared was, “What state capital has the smallest population?” The answer is Montpelier, Vermont. Another interesting fact discovered was, “Do carrots help your eyesight?” The short answer to that is no. Carrots won’t restore a blind person’s eyesight back to 20/20, but the vegetable contains beta-carotine, a substance the body naturally converts to Vitamin A, which benefits eye health.

Google’s facts remain exclusively in English

Google’s interesting fact box appears to work exclusively with English queries, as Samuel Gibbs for The Guardian added that it has yet to respond to “I’m feeling curious” in French (which is “je suis curieux”). Typing in the French phrase only brings up a standard search. The Swedish translation to “I’m feeling curious” yields the art house film called I Am Curious (Yellow).

Google has offered similar search tricks like “I’m feeling wonderful” to bring up images and facts about various sites around the world or “I’m feeling playful” to discover fun games. Google is known for creating fun Easter Eggs throughout its website to make the search experience a little more fun.

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