Google’s Code Jam Registration Now Open – Win $15,000

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Google's Code Jam Registration Now Open - Win $15,000

Google has started accepting registrations for its 2013 Code Jam programming competition. This time, it is the tenth anniversary of Google Cade Jam. The winner of Code Jam 2013 will get a sweet $15,000 prize, the coveted title of Code Jam Champion, and an automatic qualification in the Code Jam 2014 finals.

Code Jam is a competition which brings together professional and student programmers from all over the world to solve tough algorithmic puzzles. The company says that last year, over 35,000 coders competed and Poland’s Jakub Pachocki (meret) earned the title of Code Jam Champion, and the $10,000 reward. This time, the price money is increased to $15,000.

In order to participate, contestants must be of 13 years or older, and must not be a current employee/intern of Google, or an employee of any Google affiliate or subsidiary. You must not be a resident of Quebec, Saudi Arabia, Cuba, Syria, Burma (Myanmar), or anywhere that the contest is prohibited by law. While keeping these restrictions in mind, anyone can participate in this competition starting today.

The competition will start on April 12 with the Code Jam Qualification Round. In the second round, 3000 contestants who advanced from the first rounds can compete, and then only 500 contestants can advance forward to the third round. The top 25 contestants advance to the Onsite Finals. These contestants will need to travel to Google’s office and compete for the grand title of the Code Jam Champion!

Google says that you can use any programming language that you like, in the competition, provided that the compiler or interpreter for the language you used is freely available.

Registration ends on April 14th at 00:00 UTC. So make sure to enter this competition before that, for a chance to win $15,000. If this seems interesting, then register for the 2013 Code Jam Competition from here.

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