Google Tone Allows Computers To Share URLs Using Audio

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Google Tone is a new browser extension for Chrome that enables users to share URLs using sound. The extension adds a special button on the browser that broadcasts the URL of the current tab to nearby devices.

How does the Google Tone extension work?

Tone operates at low volumes, but it still can feel the effects of microphone sensitivity and speaker volume. Once the user installs the extension, a microphone-shaped icon appears on the upper right corner. Before sharing, the user must check to see if the volume is on, and then click the icon to share the link. Users must also make sure they are logged into Google before proceeding to operate the extension.

The Google Tone extension is currently in the experimental phase. The project’s researcher, Alex Kaufmann, and software engineer, Boris Smus, shared their thoughts in a blog post:

“The initial prototype used an efficient audio transmission scheme that sounded terrible, so we played it beyond the range of human hearing.”

The handy extension can be used to share browser pages, videos and search results. It is an ideal tool for offices, classrooms and even the home. Google already has been using the extension for exchanging links and design files.

In other Google Chrome-related news, the tech giant also recently announced plans to fix the problematic memory issue that has been irritating the browser’s users for a long time. According to tech website KitGuru, the Android Chrome team made some interesting comments during a recent Reddit Ask Me Anything session. The engineers admitted that they were well aware of the problem and promised a fix in the future. The company plans to fix the glitch on Chrome for Android and Chrome for PC. The team member claimed they are currently working on removing memory bloat and leaks. The tech company also plans to improve start-up speed.

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