Google Records Your Voice Searches; Here’s How To Delete Them

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One of the main concerns – especially for those that value their privacy – regarding Siri, Cortana, and “Okay Google” is that these features are constantly listening to what you say.

Did you know that every time you do a voice search on Google, the search engine records it? If you use Android and start a voice search with “Okay Google,” the company records that too.

More efficient voice searches

The “Okay Google” feature functions as a method of using one’s voice to search the internet, and Google stores these recordings in order to more efficiently improve its voice recognition technology as well as the results that the search engine provides to its users.

For many people, it might prove interesting to see what the company has gathered about you through your searches. Others might want to delete these recordings forever. Either way, it can be intriguing to see what you have searched as well as the commands you have given over the months, such as setting reminders and navigating through your music collection.

Okay Google, delete my recordings

No need to worry about these recordings being saved forever, though, as the tech giant allows you to listen to and delete any of your previously recorded searches. Here’s how.

Navigate to the Voice & Audio Activity page of your Google account. Here, you will be able to see an itemized list of all of the various recordings that have been stored over time. It is interesting to look at many of the searches you made, but it can also be intriguing to find recordings that you may not have expected – Google sometimes mistakenly hears a key word and starts recording when you didn’t intend it to do so.

Deleting these recordings is simple – just check the box next to any of the recordings you want to delete and select the Delete option. If you want to delete everything at once, you can do that too. This can be done by selecting Delete options, choosing the Advanced option, selecting the All time button, and clicking Delete.

It’s easy to check out all of the recordings Google has stored from your search history. If you’re a privacy-oriented person, it’s just as easy to delete them too.

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