Google Pixel Is Better Than iPhone 7: Here’s Why

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Google Pixel is arguably one of the best smartphones released this year. It goes up directly against the iPhone 7, which is similar to the iPhone 6S barring a few minor improvements. When comparing Google Pixel with the iPhone 7, keep in mind that the iPhone has certain features that Pixel lacks and vice-versa.

google pixel and pixel xl compared to iphone 7 and iphone 7 plus
Image Source: Google/YouTube

Everything appears better on Google Pixel’s AMOLED display

Google Pixel doesn’t have a dual-camera system, but it has several other more functional features. Google’s Pixel XL weighs just 168 grams compared to 188 grams of the iPhone 7 Plus. Its lighter weight makes it easier to handle without compromising on reliability or other departments.

Apple still uses the LCD display in iPhones while most Android vendors have moved to an AMOLED display. Pixel’s AMOLED screen has a resolution of 1440p, much higher than iPhone 7 Plus’ 1080p resolution. Colors on Pixel appear more vibrant and contrast is more pronounced than the iPhone’s LCD display.

Pixel offers a better grip

Though Google Pixel XL and the iPhone 7 Plus have the same screen size of 5.5-inch, Google’s device is smaller in size. As a result, Pixel is easier to hold in hand and use. The 5.5-inch iPhone has a display-to-bezel ratio of 67.7%, while it’s 71.2% for Pixel XL.

Google seems to have taken care of even minute details when designing its flagship smartphone. The iPhone 7 Plus has a metal back and edges, which don’t offer a good grip. You risk dropping your iPhone accidentally if you don’t use a case with a good grip. In contrast, Pixel’s glass inlay offers a great grip for your index finger, says Antonio Villas-Boas of Business Insider.

Google Pixel beats iPhone in charging speed

When it comes to charging speed, the iPhone 7 Plus lags far behind the Pixel XL. YouTube channel SuperSaf TV recently tested the charging times of Pixel XL against the iPhone 7 Plus and Galaxy S7 Edge with chargers included in their respective packaging. The Galaxy S7 Edge was the fastest, reaching 100% battery in just one hour and 29 minutes. At the end of two hours, Pixel XL was at 98% while the iPhone 7 Plus was still crawling at 72%.

And then there is the all-important question of durability. Both Google Pixel and iPhone 7 are sturdy handsets, but which one is better? To find out, folks at UnlockRiver conducted a drop test by hanging a Google Pixel and an iPhone 7 on a drone, flying them to a height of 1,000 feet, and then dropping them on a solid surface. Though both phones’ displays were shattered completely, Pixel’s body held up better than the iPhone 7.

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