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Google Pixel Phones Price Cut Ahead Of Pixel 2 Release

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Ahead of the release of the Google Pixel 2, the good news for fans of the smartphone series is that current raft of Google Pixel phones have been price slashed. The mega-corporation has reduced the price of its existing smartphone series by $200, with the intention of attracting consumers ahead of the unveiling of the next Pixel generation.

Google Pixel phones have been reduced in price by pretty substantial figures, with the 32GB and 128GB versions of the smartphone being reduced by $125. This means that the base models of the Google Pixel series now attract recommended retail prices of $524 and $624 respectively.

And the larger version of the series, the Google Pixel XL, has been discounted by a weighty $200, meaning that the 32GB version of this smartphone now costs $569, with the 128GB version retailing at $669.

Free VR headset

The manufacturer has even pushed the boat out further in an attempt to attract people to Google Pixel phones, with a free Daydream View VR headset being offered with every purchase. This device normally costs $79, which does suggest that Google is having difficulty in attracting consumers to its version of the virtual reality revolution.

Of course, while picking up these Google Pixel phones at such a pleasing price point is an attractive proposition, the fact remains that the forthcoming Google Pixel 2 will dissuade many consumers. The bells and whistles predicted for the next generation smartphone are naturally not included with the existing Google Pixel, and those wanting the full next gen experience will obviously have to wait for this smartphone to be unveiled.

Limited stock

Google has announced that all of the price discounts will be applicable on its US Google Store, and that this will continue while stocks last. It remains to be seen how many virtual reality headsets the company is willing to give away for free, so those wishing to take advantage of this particular offer should act as quickly as possible.

Particularly praised for its photographic capabilities, the original Google Pixel was manufactured by HTC, and the first to incorporate the Android 7.1 Nougat with the Google Assistant. Providing very competitive specifications, the larger Pixel XL version even delivered a quad HD AMOLED display.

In addition to the offers related to Google Pixel phones, the search engine giant has also made other hardware and software products available at lower retail prices, as part of a back to school promotion. Thus, Google Home can currently be purchased for $109, Google Wi-Fi starts at a pricetag of $129, Nest Cam IQ security has been made available from $299, with Chromecast Ultra for $69, as well as the Chromecast and Chromecast Audio which are both available for $35.

Certainly fans of Google Pixel phones and Google products in general have a lots of options available to them. But the Google Pixel 2 also promises to deliver an outstanding smartphone package in the foreseeable future, and one still expected to be available at a relatively affordable price point.

Headphone jack

Ahead of the release of the Google Pixel 2, it has been reported that the manufacturer will remove the headphone jack from the device. This is a decision already taken by Apple with the iPhone range, but this was not universally popular at the time. However, it seems that the industry is generally heading towards wireless music playback, and that Google has decided to get on board this particular train.


While the photographic capabilities of the Google Pixel generation were enthusiastically praised by both the critical community and the consumers, there could be something of a disappointment ahead with the Google Pixel 2. While many Android fans may be hoping that the forthcoming Google smartphone features a dual-camera, it seems increasingly unlikely that Google will stick with a single-lens unit in order to keep manufacturing cost down.

Squeezable frame

However, one particular innovation expected to appear in the new Google Pixel phones is a squeezable frame, similar to that included in the HTC U11. This feature enables users to press down on the sides of the smartphone and access various applications and features by applying different degrees of pressure.

It is suggested that this will make it easier for Google Pixel 2 users to access such functionality as Google Assistant, while it may even be possible to answer incoming calls via this feature. A raft of other functionality has been linked with the squeezable frame, and it promises to be a particular highlight of the Google Pixel generation.

Augmented reality

Google is also expected to deliver significant augmented reality functionality in the Google Pixel 2, while delivering a smartphone that retails at a competitive price point. With the price of Google Pixel phones having been slashed, this new smartphone may even retail at under $700; essential as the smartphone attempts to compete with the iPhone 8 and such alternatives as the OnePlus 5.

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