Google Pixel 2 Rumors Suggest Possible iPhone Beater Imminent

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Google Pixel 2 rumors this week have focused on pricing, after the manufacturer chose to slash the price of the last generation Pixel. With Google having cut the recommended retail price of its Pixel XL by $200, it is suggested that the next generation Pixel 2 will also benefit from an affordable price tag.

Price hike

Nonetheless, despite the more frugal nature of this Google handset compared to the market leading devices, the Pixel 2 is still expected to cost more than its predecessor. 9To5Google has reported that the price tag of the device will rise by at least $50, with even a $100 price hike possible.

However, the latest Google Pixel 2 rumors suggest that the smartphone will be the first ever to benefit from the brand new Snapdragon 836 processor from Qualcomm. This would undoubtedly be a major coup for Google if it comes to fruition, meaning that the smartphone should perform at least as well as any other device available, while still retaining an attractive price point.

Leaked images of the Pixel 2 have also provided us with an insight into the design of this critical smartphone. Front-facing speakers and the selfie camera are both visible in these pictures, while the reverse of the device also indicates a slight design change with the glass included in the mobile.

Headphone jack

Notorious analyst Evan Blass also believes that Google will remove the headphone jack from the Pixel 2. This has, of course, already being implemented by Apple in its iPhone range, as the smartphone marketplace leans towards wireless music playback.

While this may be a controversial decision to some extent, there is at least some basis for it being justified with the Google Pixel 2. The Android O operating system delivers a raft of new high-quality Bluetooth codecs, including aptX, aptX HD and LDAC. This should ensure that the functionality delivered by the wireless music playback in the Google Pixel 2 will be superior to any previous mobile release.

It is still early days to know precisely what to expect from Android O, but the operating system promises to provide several new features. While wireless music playback may ultimately cost more, not least due to the specialist headphones that need to be purchased, the evidence ahead of the release of the Google Pixel 2 is that this smartphone will deliver an excellent system.

Screen increase

Other Google Pixel 2 rumors suggest that the largest Pixel release will feature a 6-inch display with 2K resolution. This will be an extremely attractive proposition for fans of the Android smartphone, as the display promises to be larger than the OLED screen to be included in the iPhone 8. As mobile gaming becomes more important, this could help Google in this sphere.

It is expected that LG will be involved in the manufacturing of this larger model, with leaked online blog reports pointing to this probability. LG has already delivered outstanding products in its own G series, underlining its suitability for this particular task.

No dual-camera

Perhaps one of the more disappointing Google Pixel 2 rumors is the suggestion that Google will stick with a single-lens device in the 2017 generation. Many Google Pixel fans had hoped that the developer would include a dual-camera in its latest release, but this now seems increasingly unlikely.

Indeed, in order to keep production and development costs down, it is believed that the smaller Google Pixel device will only deliver full HD resolution. This still means that the handset can display more pixels than the existing iPhone handsets, but can still be considered a mediocre resolution compared to many devices now available on the market.

RAM frozen

Another area where Google is not expected to make improvements over previous releases is in the memory included. It is believed that the Pixel 2 will feature 4GB of memory, which is the exact amount that was previously included in the original Google Pixel. While this may not be welcomed by all Android fans, it is worth noting that the Galaxy S8 earlier this year also featured 4GB.

Camera features

Despite the lack of a dual-camera, it is believed that the Google Pixel 2 will deliver major improvements over previous generations. This is a more promising prospect, considering that the photographic capabilities of the original Google Pixel were widely praised by both consumers and the critical community.

Rather than focus on delivering a massive megapixel count, Google has instead focused attention on delivering outstanding low-light photography. This has been a perennial bugbear of mobile camera systems over the years, and will reportedly incite Apple to deliver a brand new darker condition shooting system this year.

The aforementioned Blass also suggest that extra features will be included in the Google Pixel 2 camera in order to compensate for the dual-lens functionality being omitted. Blass hasn’t provided too many details on precisely what these features will represent, but his view has apparently been based on whispers from close to the Google supply chain.


As Google attempts to attract more consumers to its smartphone range in 2017, its Google Pixel 2 device could also be significantly more durable than the previous release. Google Pixel 2 rumors suggest that waterproofing will definitely appear in the Pixel 2 generation, with a source citing a conversation with Stephen Hall, the managing editor of 9to5Google.

It is probable that the Google Pixel 2 will aim for IP68 certification in order to establish itself as a viable mainstream smartphone contender.

Release date

Most reports on the handset have suggested that the Google Pixel 2 will emerge in October 2016, which will probably be after the release of both the Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone 8. The latest reports on the Apple handset suggest that it is on track for the usual September release date, meaning that Google would have its own unique release window in October.

It seems that the smartphone market is all set for a major battle in the coming months.

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