Google Pixel 2 Features Wish List: Here’s What We Expect

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The Google Pixel was developed in a relatively short time-frame. It had an average design for a premium smartphone. The design was largely borrowed from HTC, which was responsible for manufacturing the device. The Pixel was still one of the best phones released last year. Since Google executives have confirmed that the company had been working on Pixel 2, the fans have been super excited. While the rumor mill has been churning out details about the device, here’s our very own wish list for Google Pixel 2 features.

A premium design

The current Pixel has a metal and glass design on the back cover. There is nothing exciting about its design. The top and bottom bezels are humongous and boring. This time, Google should deliver a phone that is at least as beautiful as Samsung’s Galaxy S8, if not more. Nexus devices never followed a specific design language. It would be interesting to see if Google Pixel 2 features the same design elements as the original one.

Inside sources have told XDA Developers that the Pixel 2 would have a 4.97-inch display while the bigger Pixel 2 XL would sport a 5.99-inch screen. Sources added that the larger variant would get a major design overhaul with a bezel-less display, but the Pixel 2 would look almost similar to its predecessor. It would prompt potential buyers to opt for the bigger (and probably more expensive) Pixel 2 XL.

The different designs are in line with recent rumors that the new Pixel phones would be manufactured by two different companies. HTC will be responsible for the Pixel 2 while LG Electronics would manufacture the Pixel 2 XL. The Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P were also produced by two different manufacturers. LG produced the 5X and Huawei made the 6P. The two devices had a distinctly different design.

Water- and dust-resistance

Almost every premium device available today boasts of a high degree of water- and dust-resistance. The original Pixel came with IP53 rating for splash-resistance, which means it offered protection only against rain water or water spraying. We expect the Pixel 2 phones to have IP68 water-resistance rating. It will ensure that your device is safe even if it remains submerged in five feet of water for 30 minutes. The current Pixel phones can’t survive that depth.

People don’t always need IP68-level waterproofing, but if Google Pixel 2 features waterproofing capabilities, they would feel confident that their device can survive an accidental drop into the swimming pool.

Enhanced audio quality

The audio quality on the current Pixel is decent enough for media consumption. The volume gets hampered when you are playing games in landscape mode because your hand covers up the bottom speakers. If Google wants to position Pixel as a serious competition to iPhones and Galaxy devices, it needs to offer enhanced audio experience. The company may achieve it via speakers, a built-in amp, or a DAC.

Google has worked with multiple hardware vendors in the past on Nexus devices. So, it knows a thing or two about smartphone audio. If the company could incorporate Nexus 6P-like stereo front-facing speakers on Pixel 2, that would be good enough. The Nexus 6P was praised by consumers for its stereo front speakers.

A dual-camera on the back

The original Pixel has an excellent camera. This is the one feature that made Pixel stand out from the crowd, along with some other Pixel-specific features. However, the world is now moving to a dual camera system to enhance the photography experience. The upcoming iPhone 8 and Galaxy Note 8 both are said to have dual cameras on the back. Even Huawei and OnePlus have added dual camera system to their latest flagship phones.

Will Google Pixel 2 have a dual camera setup? Probably not. Leaks have revealed that the device would retain the single camera lens on the back. Google also seems reluctant to increase the megapixel count on the upcoming Pixel phones. The company is instead focusing on improving the low-light photography and adding a few extra features. It could further improve the camera through software.

A better battery life

Battery and camera play a crucial role when people make their smartphone purchase decisions. The Pixel XL had a pretty good battery life, thanks to its 3450mAh battery pack. But the smaller Pixel’s battery life was OK at best. It packed a mere 2770mAh battery. It would be great if Google could improve it to at least 3,000mAh.

Given Google controls both the hardware and software of Pixel phones, and the fact that Pixel 2 would feature a more energy efficient Snapdragon 835 processor, we expect some improvement in battery life. But then, no user has ever complained about a longer battery life.

Wireless charging

Charging pads have seen a significant improvement in the last few years. They now charge devices as fast as their USB counterparts. Wireless charging technology would allow you to place the smartphone on the desk and charge it without having to worry about cables. Google had offered wireless charging with Nexus 5 and Nexus 6. We hope the Google Pixel 2 features a faster wireless charging technology.

Other Google Pixel 2 features we hope to see

We expect the Pixel 2 to come with dual SIM card slots. Almost everyone today, mainly in Asian markets, has two SIM cards. A dual SIM slot would mean Pixel 2 users will not have to carry two devices. We also expect the new phone to feature Corning’s latest Gorilla Glass 5, which offers better protection than its predecessor. A microSD card slot to let users expand the storage wouldn’t be bad either, at least for consumers.


While Google had rushed the original Pixel, it had all the time to perfect the Pixel 2. So, the upcoming device should be close to the company’s vision of a perfect smartphone. Pixel phones run pure Android and receive faster software updates. If Google can pull off the hardware, the Pixel 2 could be a serious challenger to Apple’s 10th anniversary iPhone 8.

What features do you wish to see in the Google Pixel 2? Let us know in the comments below.

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