Google Pixel 2 Do Not Disturb Mode Makes Driving Safe Like iOS 11

Google Pixel 2 Do Not Disturb Mode Makes Driving Safe Like iOS 11
Photo: Google.

It is rumored that Google Pixel 2 do not disturb mode was stolen from Apple’s iOS 11 operating systems feature that activates similar mode after phone intelligently figures out that its owner is driving. Even so, this amazing feature is expected to prevent accidents and keep drivers focused on the road instead of message alerts.

On Wednesday, October 4th, Google held a vast press event where it unveiled its new flagship smartphones – Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 2 XL. Aside from these two products, other Google’s gadgets stepped out from the shadow. One of these gadgets is terrific Google Clips action camera that captures the beautiful family moments and clips everywhere. Aside from a great variety of devices, Google’s new app, better known as Pixel Ambient Services made a debut. Here’s what Google says in its description.

“Pixel Ambient Services provides features based on the local context for Pixel devices.”

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According to Android Police, Google provided screenshots that feature the upcoming app. This app has an automatic setting which will smartly decide whether the user is in a vehicle in motion or not. If the user is in the car, it will automatically activate “do not disturb mode,” allowing users to focus on the road ahead instead of phone entirely. In screenshot below are more details.

Google Pixel 2 do not disturb
Source: Google


According to Google, Pixel Ambient Services will use Bluetooth connection and device motion to gain information about user’s movements. If user is in vehicle, the feature will enable the “do not disturb” mode. Still, Google Pixel 2 do not disturb mode cannot determine whether you are a driver or passenger, so in case you leave the feature on, you’ll have to make corrections in case mode turns on while you are only traveling on the bus.

Apple and Samsung already released their software that enables “do not disturb mode.” It is good that Google is implementing the feature in arriving Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. The settings of other phones automatically inform contacts who call or message that the user is driving. It would be amazing if Google Pixel 2 do not disturb mode does the same.

Google’s new app – Pixel Ambient Services will be preinstalled on Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL phones upon their arrival. Hence, users will be able to test the feature from either driver and passenger. It is worth mentioning that users will have to activate the mode themselves for the first time, as setting comes disabled by default.

Do you think Google will make drivers focused with Pixel 2 do not disturb mode? Please leave a comment!

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