Google Pixel 2 Design Rumors Pick Up As Launch Date Nears

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has now been officially revealed to the world. The iPhone 8 is apparently right around the corner. And, after that, we are expecting the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2. Evan Blass, a very reliable leaker, has suggested the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2 could be launched on October 5th. That would be exactly one year to the day from when the original Pixel and Pixel XL were shown to the world. As the launch date nears we are learning more and more about the Google Pixel 2 design and what may be in store for us come October.

Google Pixel 2 Design
Image Credit: ApSciLeonard / Reddit (screenshot)

We are hearing that two different companies will be working on the Google Pixel 2 design and the Pixel XL 2 design. This isn’t anything new for Google. They have relied on multiple manufacturers for their devices before and the result is often two very different devices in terms of appearance, at least.

The Google Pixel 2 is being built by HTC. This means that the Google Pixel 2 design will incorporate many of the same design elements as the HTC U11 including the squeezable frame. You may recall that HTC also built the original Pixel device that we saw last year. This means that we may see a lot of similarities between the Google Pixel 2 design and last year’s design. Some rumors are suggesting that the Pixel will have the same style of bezels as last year. This may be disappointing news for some as Samsung and Apple both launch bezel-less phones which look sleek and futuristic. Not to mention, less bezels means more display without increasing the actual size of the device. With that said, some people may be used to the original design and prefer it to the new trends in smartphone design. Not everyone likes the same thing and it looks like there might be options this fall with the Google Pixel 2 design.

Google Pixel 2 3D Renders
Image source: PhoneArena

The Google PIxel XL 2 is said to be designed by LG and will feature that bezel-less design we are seeing from other manufacturers. Seeing as how the LG G6 was one of the first flagships to move ahead with a bezel-less design, it would make sense that the Google Pixel XL 2 design would follow that same path. Google has also invested a lot of money in LG’s display division to build what is being referred to as a “partnership” rather than a typical purchase order.

As far as specs go, the Google Pixel 2 and the Pixel XL 2 will be very similar. Both devices are said to be running a Snapdragon 836. This is a small improvement over the Snapdragon 835 that you find in a lot of flagship devices right now. I can’t emphasize the “small improvement” part enough. It’s not like the Google Pixel 2 will be blowing the Galaxy Note 8 out of the water or anything. If last year is any indication, the difference between the two Snapdragon chips will be almost unnoticeable.

Google PIxel 2 and Galaxy Note 8
Concept by ValueWalk Team

Some leaked renders have also indicated that the 3.5mm headphone port is gone in the Google Pixel 2 design. This would be an interesting choice. Google gave Apple a lot of grief last year for removing the port and even included that in their marketing. If Google were to turn around one year later and do the exact same thing that would be a tad hypocritical. Those in glass houses…

The display is going to be the biggest difference in the Google Pixel 2 design and the Pixel XL 2 design. The Google Pixel 2 will have a 4.97-inch 1080p display while the Pixel XL 2 is said to have a 5.99-inch 1440p display. Both with be OLED displays. Although the Pixel XL 2 is going to have a larger display, you may not notice much size difference between the two devices. The two different designs should be a similar size considering the Google Pixel 2 design will have bezels while the Pixel XL 2 won’t. Hopefully this means that the Google Pixel 2 cost will be significantly less.

The Pixel 2 lineup is going to be third to the fall flagship party. The Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone 8 will both be available for sale by time Google shows off their new devices. This means that Google will be playing catch up and they will need something to convince buyers that their device is worth picking up. We can cross our fingers for a return to the pricing strategy of the Nexus 5 but I don’t think that’s very likely. Perhaps Google will include some additional accessories or have a big surprise up their sleeve to build some hype. What do you think? Will you hold out for the Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel XL 2 launch this fall?

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