Google Offers Fans A Peek Inside Their Data Centers

Google Offers Fans A Peek Inside Their Data Centers

Google Offers Fans A Peek Inside Their Data Centers

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) recently gave their fans an inside look at their data center, offering a sense of transparency, which in turn creates trust. This is something they truly need, considering all the negativity the company has been getting in the last few years.

Just one look at Google’s data center and it’s easy to see just how impressive it is. The images (some of which were taken by renowned photographer Connie Zhou) give us a close look at some of the company’s servers, which also happen to be the most advanced in the world. You can view the entire collection of high-resolution images on Google’s Data Center page, which shows the image of data centers throughout the world.

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Some of the more notable images include colorful water pipes in The Dalles, Oregon; a close look inside a server aisle in Mayes, Oklahoma; and backup tapes in Berkeley County, South Carolina.

The Data Center page also takes it a step further, by showing images of employees working at the data center. In my opinion, these images are more interesting, because they show the real action that goes on everyday- it brings the data centers to life.

I really hope that schools will discover the Data Center Page. I think that showing the images (especially the images of employees at work) may inspire young people to consider the technology career path. It provides them with a realistic view of what goes on inside some of these jobs.

Could Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG)’s latest transparency move inspire other tech companies to show of their data centers? It would be nice if it did, but I doubt most companies will follow suit.

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