Google Offers 10GB Free Storage With Quickoffice For Next 2 Years

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Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) is offering 10 GB of free storage to your Google Drive account for a limited time. This offer is available to users who log into Quickoffice with their Google account before the date of September 26th 2013. The extra storage offer will last for two years.

Google Offers 10GB Free Storage With Quickoffice For Next 2 Years

Google’s offer details

The search giant shared the details of the offer on their Google Drive Blog, saying, “You can get the new, free Quickoffice app for Android and iOS phones and tablets on Google Play and in the App Store. Simply sign in with your Google Account to start editing Microsoft Office documents, spreadsheets and presentations on mobile. You’ll also notice a number of new features, including a refreshed icon, the ability to create .ZIP folders, and view charts in Excel® and PowerPoint® files. Plus, the new app works across devices so you don’t have to worry about installing separate versions anymore when you go from using your phone to editing on your tablet. While we’re on the topic of free stuff, if you sign in to your Google Account from the new Quickoffice app for Android or iOS by September 26, 2013, an extra 10GB of Google Drive storage will be added to your account for two years (look for it in the next few weeks). So don’t let your hardware or software differences get in the way of true collaboration—download the new app and start working together today. “

Quickoffice upgrade

The blog post also notes that old versions of Quickoffice were removed from the App Store and Google Play. For users who already have Quickoffice for Google Apps for Business, they will receive a notification to upgrade to the new version.

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG)’s free offer should entice users to sign up with Quickoffice, a useful app that allows users to open or edit Microsoft documents on iOS or Android operating systems. Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT)’s Office programs are a popular choice businesses and companies. This program makes it easier for users to take their work on the go.

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