Google Maps Adds Night Mode To iOS App

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Google just updated its maps app for iOS users, and it includes a night mode feature with darker graphics to make reading the maps in the dark easier. The Google Maps iOS feature is ideal for users who travel at night frequently. It should also make the app even safer.

The night mode feature is automatic, and it works only at night with turn-by-turn navigation mode. Users can’t turn the feature on or off, which may disappoint some.

Google Maps app update for iOS includes several notable updates

The new Google Maps 4.9.0 update includes bug fixes and the ability to change photo captions, label places on maps, and write reviews.

David Nield for Gizmodo added this useful tip for those who want to leave reviews of places like restaurants or shops: “To get the benefits of your reviews, head to somewhere new on the map, search for a particular type of place, and if there’s an abundance of hits to sift through then the ones that suit your tastes are shown more prominently with larger icons (other alternatives can still be brought up by clicking on the red dots). Places you’ve already visited and rated are shown in orange.”

iOS users still prefer Google Maps over Apple Maps

Google Maps remains the popular choice for iOS users. Nearly three years ago, Apple launched its own map application, but it turned out to be a disaster. The Cupertino-based tech giant hasn’t given up on Maps either and plans to update the app on iOS 9 with public transit view features and nearby business listings. Apple’s new mobile operating system will be pushed out to the public next month.

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