Google Inc (GOOG) Explains How Not To Be A Glasshole

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Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) has issued some official guidelines for the early adopters of its smartglasses to avoid being a so-called “Glasshole.” Google Glass represents the emergence of wearable device technology. But it has raised many questions about privacy and security. That’s why experts say that the technology has a steep hill to climb before it becomes widely acceptable in society. We are used to seeing people taking pictures or recording videos with their smartphones and tablets. But taking pictures or recording videos with Google Glass can make us defensive or suspicious when we realize that we are on camera without our consent.

Google encourages the public to welcome Glass wearers

The Mountain View-based company hasn’t advertised its wearable technology much to the general public. And now a big challenge before the company is to encourage general public to accept and welcome Google Glass wearers. The future of Glass depends on public’s acceptance. If they consider it nerdy or the Glass is dragged into the NSA privacy issues, it is unlikely to be a big success. In the past, Google Glass Explorers have been in the news for wrong reasons. Recently, a woman was ticketed in California for putting on the Glass while driving. Another Glass user in Seattle was asked to leave a restaurant after refusing to take the Glass off.

Google’s tips on how not to be a Glasshole

That’s why Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) is telling early adopters how not to be a Glasshole. The search engine giant urged Glass users to respect others and answer them politely if they have any queries about the device. A quick demo will be much better. If you are at a place where mobile cameras are not allowed, the same rule applies to Google Glass. You should turn off your Glass as well when asked to switch off your phone.

In addition, Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) also advised Explorers to use the passcode-protected screen lock to keep the device secure. Your Glass as a lot of your personal information. If it happens to be stolen or lost, you don’t want someone else to gain access to your personal data. Moreover, the search engine company said users shouldn’t expect to be ignored if their have put on the Glass. People will ask you questions about the device. But if you are interrupted in the middle of a romantic dinner, just take it off and put it in your bag.

Will these helpful tips change the way people perceive Google Glass? Only time will tell.

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